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Candidate-Centric and Cost-Effective: Walmart's Strategic Move to Talkpush for Technical Aptitude Tests

October 31, 2023
5 min read
Having closely worked with Walmart on this transformative project, I'm thrilled to share our collaborative journey. We embarked on a mission to enhance Walmart's recruitment process, focusin...
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      Candidate-Centric and Cost-Effective: Walmart's Strategic Move to Talkpush for Technical Aptitude Tests

      October 31, 2023
      Having closely worked with Walmart on this transformative project, I'm thrilled to share our collabo..
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      Recruitment Hackers: Rethinking Talent Acquisition

      May 31, 2021
      The first Recruitment Hackers of 2021 was focused on Rethinking Talent Acquisition. Over 240 TA prof..
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      Automated Onboarding: Give Every New Hire the Attention they Deserve

      January 27, 2021
      Feature release. Talkpush's newest solution helps high volume employers give every new hire a proper..
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      The Art of Rejection: Can you turn rejected candidates into brand promoters?

      January 19, 2021
      Best practices for keeping those candidates you’ve passed up happy, engaged, and potentially coming ..
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      Adecco Recruiters Save 12 Hours per week with Talkpush Automation

      November 29, 2020
      The global staffing firm has saved consultants 12 hours per week by automating the initial engagemen..
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      Recruitment Hackers: Imagining the Ideal Candidate Journey in 2021

      November 25, 2020
      Talkpush hosted its biggest online event this year with over 200 talnt acquisition professionals in ..
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      Introducing Autoflow: RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Designed for Recruiters 

      May 14, 2020
      Talkpush is launching a new feature which places automation in the hands of recruiters, empowering t..
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      Cut Down Advertising Costs with Talkpush’s New Career Site Services

      April 14, 2020
      Beautifully designed career websites built for speed and responsiveness. Talkpush has launched a new..
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      Recruiters can Now Take Candidate Calls Inside the CRM

      March 25, 2020
      Talkpush is offering its new Dialer feature to support work from anywhere and faster response time t..
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      Recruiters can Help Flatten the Curve with Remote Practices

      March 19, 2020
      Our priority at Talkpush is everyone’s safety. As the world comes together to stop the spread of COV..
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      Talkpush Recognizes Partners who Excel in their Recruitment Operations

      March 9, 2020
      We hosted our first ever Client Appreciation Night, awarding those teams who have excelled in a vari..
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      8 Talkpush Features you Might not Know About

      February 28, 2020
      These 8 features are all part of the Talkpush solution, so read up and make sure you’re leveraging a..
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      Talkpush Launches New Nomad Travel Program

      February 20, 2020
      Talkpushers can participate for the chance to win a 2-month all-expenses-paid stay at a Talkpush loc..
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      Candidate Expectations Dictating Innovation for Talkpush in 2020

      February 1, 2020
      Accelerated pace of innovation relies on partners, automation and stronger analytics 2019, the year ..
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      Got a Side Gig? Perfect! We Want to Hire You

      December 23, 2019
      Talkpush celebrates our team’s entrepreneurial spirit and their success outside of their main job. I..
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      New Feature Announcement: Candidate Welcome Center

      December 18, 2019
      Welcome candidates as they arrive to your recruitment center and make sure their entire journey (onl..
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      Recruitment Hackers: Candidates with Bots, Recruiters as Automation Strategists

      November 22, 2019
      Everything you need to know about our last Recruitment Hackers event that took place on Nov. 12, in ..
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      VXI Case Study: Injecting Automation with a Personality

      November 20, 2019
      BPO, VXI, eliminated over half of its manual recruitment processes with Talkpush automation and adde..
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      Google Cal + Outlook = Talkpush Calendar Integration

      October 22, 2019
      Automated scheduling now synchronized with individual recruiter calendars. As a leading Automated Re..
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      Hungry for Sourcing Data?

      October 9, 2019
      Talkpush Serves up a Steaming Plate of Channel Analytics for TA professionals A recruiting team’s su..
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