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The Talent Acquisition Tech Rollercoaster: How Shrinking VC Pockets Will Shake Things Up

Strap in, enterprise customers! Here's what to expect from well-funded TA tech companies as the VC funding party ends, and how you can make wiser choices. The TA Tech party is over   Once up...
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Ivanha Paz
Ivanha Paz
Content Writer at Talkpush

Adecco Recruiters Save 12 Hours per week with Talkpush Automation

The global staffing firm has saved consultants 12 hours per week by automating the initial engagement and  pre-screening. 


Adecco, the leading global staffing and recruitment firm needed to speed up their initial response to candidates in anticipation of a large recruitment ram-up campaign in Australia. For their high volume recruitment campaigns, Adecco wanted to prioritize speed and ease of use for candidates to maximize the size of their talent pool.  

In their traditional process, candidates applied via an online portal and recruiters had to review manually applications before calling them. They switched to an automated process powered by Talkpush, to allow candidates to apply in minutes through a conversational agent (aka, a chatbot). This agent works 24/7, offering candidates instant answers to their questions, including status updates, and letting them know what the next step in the hiring process is immediately.

”We want our consultants to invest their time and energy in building relationships with the most suitable candidates, not sifting through through applications.,” — Susan Anderson, Business Solutions Specialist, Adecco

Self-regenerating Talent Pool 

When it comes to talent attraction, Adecco favors a proactive, candidate-centric approach. Instead of waiting for candidates to apply from job ads, they are proactively seeking talent on social media. This ease of access has increased completion rates and allowed consultants to build quality talent pools.

mockadecco“Communication with our candidates has changed significantly. Our recruiters spend less time speaking with candidates at the initial application stage, as our digital agent shortlists or rejects candidates in real-time when they apply. Candidates are delighted to know straight away whether they got through to the next stage or not.” — Susan Anderson, Business Solutions Specialist, Adecco

A Unified Candidate Journey with AutoFlow

Candidates applying to high volume positions are processed  in minutes instead of days with AutoFlow.


AutoFlow lets recruiters design a candidate journey that guides talent to positions where they’ll be most qualified. This saves time for both recruiters and candidates, improving their respective experiences.  



Adecco has designed screening steps that are highly correlated with future job performance, and allowed them to send each candidate to the right job application. With AutoFlow they have been able to define questions and filters. AutoFlow has allowed Adecco to be specific about the candidates and where they fit the application stage. 


With AutoFlow, Adecco has created custom folders, allowing them to highlight top candidates for each position, enabling consultants to spend more time on the most relevant applicants. This shift has saved each consultant approximately 4 hours every week, hours they now use to connect with the best talent.


Applicants can be directed to the assessment platform and other parts of the system organically and without human intervention. This level of automation means that candidates now hear back on their application status in hours, whereas before it would take several days. This immediacy has had a remarkable effect, with 100% of candidates reporting a positive experience, and 73% of them completing pre-screening, well above industry average.


At the Forefront of Technology

Adecco prides itself on innovation. Using Talkpush has empowered them to increase their confidence in tech adoption and design an elevated process, increasing their selling capability.

“I think as a company we feel more confident now that we’re a bit more technologically advanced because of Talkpush. We can step up and look at other types of chatbot tech in other parts of our business . We’ve got that confidence now that we can look at that because we’ve had the Talkpush experience.” — Susan Anderson, Business Solutions Specialist, Adecco

Driven by Numbers 

  • Each recruiter saves 10% of weekly workload 

  • Candidates are shortlisted in hours instead of days

  • Candidate satisfaction rate 100%

  • 73% completion rate

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