4 Easy Steps to Start Building your Candidate Personas

  Audience segmentation will help you effectively promote and describe different open positions increasing engagement and application rates. While recruiters are not content marketers, they’...
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Ivanha Paz
Ivanha Paz
Content Writer at Talkpush

New Feature Announcement: Candidate Welcome Center

Welcome candidates as they arrive to your recruitment center and make sure their entire journey (online and offline) is tracked digitally.

notifiImagine candidates walking in to your offices for an interview and being invited to register in an iPad that will immediately recognize them and alert the assigned recruiter that his candidate has arrived. No wait time, no risk of duplicates or double booking, and the assurance that candidates are being taken through the right journey, for the right role at all times in the Talkpush CRM. That fully digital candidate journey is now supported by our new Welcome Center which you can roll out to your recruitment operations.


With the Talkpush Welcome Center you can track all of your candidates that show up on site, whether coming in for a scheduled interview or walk-in candidates coming in for an impromptu job application.The new feature reduces candidate wait time by an estimated 30% and eliminates data entry errors. It only takes about 1 or 2 minutes to complete the registration and sends alerts to the dedicated recruiters immediately. Via the Talkpush CRM, recruiters can also chat directly with the candidate via SMS or Messaging while they are waiting for the interview.

Rotato Snapshot 50How it Works: Step by Step

  • Candidates arrive at your office , they sign up on an iPad at the reception, fill their profile and are put in a queue.

  • Hiring managers are informed in real-time when a candidate comes in.

  • The receptionist is able to view on the CRM at all times who’s here, who’s coming and who didn’t show

  • Supports both walk-in candidates and scheduled candidates, and initiates custom workflows for each group.

  • New candidates are automatically redirected to the right campaign based on their responses — just as if they had completed the online application, no extra steps, no manual input needed.

  • No-show candidates receive a message at the end of the day to automatically try to reschedule them for a new interview.

  • Candidates are automatically tagged in a particular site, so that the person in charge of reception is able to view all on-site candidates with just one click, including which stage of the recruitment funnel they’re in

onepagerimgBeyond the registration, Talkpush also offers you a way to keep candidates engaged while they are waiting for their interviews by communicating with them via a OnsiteBot which candidates can engage with while they wait for their interview. The bot can answer FAQs about the company and the recruitment process and prepare candidates for the interview with useful information.


The Welcome Center captures data which is integrated in the Talkpush analytics dashboard giving you real-time insights on your on-site recruitment operations, such as volumes per hour and sourcing channel effectiveness.

Major employers such as McDonalds have already rolled out the Welcome Center, and witnessed significant improvements.


Interested in digitizing your offline recruitment journey? Schedule a call to set up your own Welcome Center here.

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