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Ivanha Paz
Ivanha Paz
Content Writer at Talkpush

Talkpush Recognizes Partners who Excel in their Recruitment Operations

We hosted our first ever Client Appreciation Night, awarding those teams who have excelled in a variety of recruitment areas, including processing time, candidate experience, integrations and more.


At Talkpush we like to think that we sell a little more than recruitment automation software. What we’re really pushing is an idea, a culture shift within the TA community, where candidates drive the process. When candidates feel valued, when they’re given the chance to be heard, all those magic metrics we love to fuss about just go up. That’s the way it is. Happy candidates, means happy recruiters, which means, more and better hires.


Sometimes it’s not an easy sell. For many businesses making this shift requires a lot more than just an annual Talkpush subscription. Which is why we wanted to take some time to recognize all the hard work that our partners have put in to level up their recruitment process. They believed in our idea, and collaborated with us to make it happen.


The results have been outstanding. And, that’s what these awards are all about. They’re not pats on the back, they’re quantifiable, numbers driven metrics that tell a story of success.

GF7A3458GF7A3212Awards and Winners

All of our awards were based on two categories, BPO and general. 

GF7A3441Best in Sourcing: One of the first metrics for hiring lies in sourcing candidates. The more candidates you have, the better odds in finding the right person for the job. The Best in Sourcing Award was given to the teams who have the most number of unique candidates in 2019.

Winners: BPO: iQor General: BPI Philam


Successful Hires: The teams with the most recorded number of successful hires on Talkpush in 2019.

Winners: BPO: iQor General: Legato


Time to hire: Speed and efficiency matters in recruitment. This award was given to the teams who clocked the lowest time-to-hire in 2019

Winners: General: McDonald’s BPO: Concentrix


Completion Rate:The teams that generated the highest chatbot completion rate in 2019.

Winners: BPO: HGS General: Jollibee


The Integrator Award: For connecting the most number of sourcing channels and hiring tools to Talkpush in 2019.

Winners: BPO: Transcom General: Legato


Recruitment Experience Champions: And the most coveted award of the night. This will be given to the teams who got the highest candidate satisfaction scores in 2019.


Winners: General: McDonald’s BPO: VXI


We couldn’t be happier with the turnout, over 50 Talkpush partners and collaborators showed up to get recognized, enjoy dinner and drinks, and have some face time with our CEO, Max Armbruster. As Max said, this is the first of many. Our work together has helped us get where we need to be.


“We want to keep incentivizing our customers to do that, to keep on leveling up recruitment doing these things that make the product better and better.” — Max Armbruster, Talkpush CEO

Keep up the good work, and we’ll see you at the next Client Appreciation Night!


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