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Background Checks Don't Have to be Awkward - Bob Mather from Pre-Employ

Bob Mather, CEO at goes into the ins and outs of the background screening industry, from the awkwardness, to parsing social media profiles, and a new shift that will let backg...
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Ivanha Paz
Ivanha Paz
Content Writer at Talkpush

Cut Down Advertising Costs with Talkpush’s New Career Site Services

Beautifully designed career websites built for speed and responsiveness.


Talkpush has launched a new service: career website creation, optimized for local preferences, company personality, and to increase conversion rates. We noticed a problem: our customers were turning to local agencies to build comprehensive career websites. They needed cultural expertise to engage with their audience in ways not facilitated by their ATS. Unfortunately, often this became an expensive endeavor with poor results. Misalignment, poor integration capabilities, left TA teams pouring thousands of $$$ into ads with no improvement.


It makes sense, recruitment is a niche industry, and a nicely crafted website might look better than the generic one from your ATS or CRM, but it won’t necessarily serve the needs of your candidates. That’s why we thought it was time to marry those two concepts. Armed with years of candidate behavior data and regional expertise, we set out to expand our offering into the realm of design with appealing career sites. It’s simple, Talkpush has the same goals as our customers: increase conversions, engagement, and provide a delightful candidate experience. 

site1Career Site Services include websites that immediately move candidates to next steps, whether that’s an online assessment or a scheduled call with a recruiter and the option for candidates to decide where and when they should be contacted. 


What makes this special?

  • Single-page layout - keeping life simple for candidates

  • One click apply - higher conversion rates

  • Automated pre-screening and interview scheduling

  • Start a chat - candidates can opt in to continue the conversation on their preferred communication channel, be it SMS or WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger

  • Interactive - a chatbot can welcome incoming traffic and answer their questions

  • Mobile first - most candidates do their job search from their smartphones.

site4Speaking of saving money… the organic traffic generated from SEO can garner thousands of  “free” job applications every year from Facebook and Google jobs alone. A top-notch career site designed for high volume recruitment might just be what activates those passive candidates you’ve had your eye on — at a fraction of the cost 😉

For more info on features and pricing click here.


👉👉👉 Are you ready to start converting more candidates with beautifully designed career websites? Schedule a call with us to talk about your specific needs. 🚀

Let's Talk! 



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