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The Winning Formula Generating High - Quality Leads at Minimal Cost with FB Lead Ads and Messenger in the Philippines

May 14, 2024
5 min read
Facebook Lead Ads have become the norm in lead generation for the Philippines, praised for their cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Candidates can instantly share their pre-populated detail...
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      5 min read
      Ivanha Paz
      Ivanha Paz
      Content Writer at Talkpush

      Recruitment Hackers: Candidates with Bots, Recruiters as Automation Strategists

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      Everything you need to know about our last Recruitment Hackers event that took place on Nov. 12, in Manila; and focused on how RPA will shape the future of recruitment.


      Talkpush hosts a variety of Recruitment Hackers events all over the world to discuss the latest trends in the Talent Acquisition space and to give people who work in the industry the chance to mingle, exchange ideas, and even form valuable business connections. Last week we hosted one of the best yet!

      19It took place in Manila, inside the amazing installations of Common Ground Rockwell and featured a hot topic: Robotic Process Automation (RPA). A panel of five speakers: Rey Gonzaga from PSG Global Solutions, Daniel Callaghan founder of Talmix, Yu Ming Chin from Viventis, Ferdie Macatangay from UiPath, and our CEO Max Armbruster delivered insights on how automation will shape the future of recruitment to an audience of over 80 people!

      23Our host, Ben Bagg, Talkpush Customer Success Manager in the Philippines kept everyone laughing throughout and prompted the audience to spark debates asking the toughest of questions. But, the speakers didn’t sweat it, instead challenged the audience to think critically of all the pain points in recruitment that a bot could solve… and then all the areas they could improve with their newfound time.

      1-10Rey, from PSG, got a little ominous, with a presentation entitled “The Rise of the Robots,” but not to fear — he outlined precisely what the role of recruiters is (and it’s huge) in this bot invaded industry. So let’s just say we welcome the invasion with open arms — since while recruiters sleep, bots keep sifting through candidates so that by the time they wake up, pre-screened candidates are ready for the picking.

      18-1One of the most interesting concepts was that candidate chatbots are coming. Right? We were pretty shocked too — and it’s happening sooner than we think. Max estimated that by 2022 candidates will be creating message templates for their own bots to apply to jobs and perhaps even giving their employers a little bit of attitude.

      “RPA is the key to the future of recruitment. The results are measurable, it’s all about rendering the process more effective. There are thousands of tasks that can be automated, allowing humans to focus on connecting with other humans.” — Max Armbruster, CEO, Talkpush

      22Recruitment Hackers in Manila also saw a few eye-opening stats. Yu Ming, from Viventis, shared that RPA reduces sourcing costs by 30% increases new hire productivity by 50% and decreases processing time by 90%! He said that in light of automation and its implementation potential, the role of recruiters is shifting from transactional to strategic.

      2-6Ferdie from UiPath, absolute expert on RPA, broke it down for us: automation kickstarts digital innovation, according to 93% or organizations. So, he made the very convincing case of HR becoming Employee Experience Architects, leveraging automation to reclaim their team’s time and allow them to truly focus on Employee Experience.


      After Q&A everyone got talking (while munching on tasty canapes, a killer cheese plate, and enjoying one or two cocktails.) Nothing sparks innovative narratives like a tall glass of ice cold beer right?

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      Speaker Presentations:

      • Ferdie Macatangay from UiPath


      • Rey Gonzaga from PSG Global Solutions

      • Yu Ming Chin from Viventis

      • Max Armbruster from Talkpush