Remote Hiring Changes Everything

  Employers will need to adapt their recruitment strategy in order to attract remote and WFH talent, or they risk paying a heavy price down the road.   I work with some of the largest employ...
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March 2017: Localize to globalize

I travel too much. Just in the past month, I was in Italy, China, India, Malaysia, Singapore and I’m now writing to you from South Africa. In each country, I speak with some of the largest employers and I find they have a lot in common: they all suffer from a lack of quality talent, they still rely heavily on job boards and they are generally very cautious about using Facebook. Yet, the numbers are in: Facebook saves money and delivers better talent pools than marketplaces in the volume hiring space. We have data to prove it in each geography.


While our sourcing methodology is pretty much the same globally, removing adoption barriers often boils down to localizing the user experience. This month, Talkpush has done just that with the release of our multilingual interface — users can now pick which language they want to work in — and with the WeChat integration — so critical for the China market.

More details below, along with my opinion post on the Augmented Recruiter.




Stanley now available on Wechat

With more than 600 million active monthly users globally, WeChat has been an amazing success story both from a business and a technology standpoint. We are proud to be the first recruitment chatbot compatible with WeChat. Read on here.



The robotization of recruitment

Are recruitment chatbots a existential threat to recruiters? Is there such a thing as too much automation? I explain our vision for the Augmented Recruiter in this blog post. Read on here



6 Reasons why recruitment will move from email to messaging

Is the age of email marketing coming to an end? Recruitment requires to establish strong connections with candidate, which is hard to do via email. Here are 6 reasons why it’s only a matter of time before messaging takes over.Read on here.




Talkpush available in multiple languages


Bonjour! Buenos dias! 早上好! בוקר טוב! Do you have users who would rather work with a Chinese, French, Spanish or a Hebrew? If so, they can now do so with a simple click. Read on here


  • We were featured in this article on recruitment chatbot by Recruiter magazine. Read here
  • Talkpush was listed as one of Hong Kong top 10 hottest startups of 2017! Read here
  • WhatsApp eyes business users… Obviously a much awaited release for us… Read here
  • Facebook officially enters the recruitment game. Read here
  • How to make a stupid chatbot seem smarter. Read here
  • A fascinating look inside SnapChat’s patent activity. Read here

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Remote Hiring Changes Everything

  Employers will need to adapt their recruitment strategy in order to attract remote and WFH talent, or t...
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