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Talkpush 2021 Review: Turning lemons into lemonade

A deep dive into the 2021 recruitment journey with Talkpush 2021 was a tough year for candidates, with many forced to stay home and unsure what the future held, but it was also a great time ...
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Max Armbruster
Max Armbruster
CEO Talkpush

The Human Recruiter in the Loop



The “show rate” — ​the percentage of shortlisted candidates who show up for their scheduled interview​ — ​is one of the key recruitment ratios our clients keep an eye on. We have tried all sort of combinations of calls, SMS, Facebook Messages and reminders to increase it. This experimentation, which spanned over years and over millions of interactions, produced a clear and intuitively obvious message: it really helps if the recruiter calls the candidate beforehand. A short phone call from a (human) recruiter the day of the interview can more than double the show rate.


Every company is trying to figure out at which point of the process it should insert human interactions. This is what the Silicon Valley calls “the human in the loop”. For employers, in 2017, this critical point is right when they decide that a candidate is worth meeting face to face. Hence, by releasing the phone dialer, we now allow our users to add that essential human touch. Besides making phone calls, there is a lot that recruiters can do: here are 10 things recruiters can do while the bots are working.


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Calling candidates with just a click

The traditional phone call is certainly not as hot as communication over messaging, but its still a very effective way to establish rapport with a candidate before meeting them face to face. Talkpush has finally released a phone dialer so users can call with just a click. Read on.

10 things to do while the bot is working

With robots and automation taking over, you may ask yourself: what should my recruiters be doing? How am I going to keep them busy? Worry not: I’ve outlined 10 high-value, high-return tasks that you can dedicate your team’s time on. Read on



May 25: Talent Hack Malaysia

In partnership with Universum, Talkpush is hosting a Talent Hack event in Kuala Lumpur, our first in Malaysia. We will be discussing the changing demands of the talent pool and how employers can adjust in a tight labor market. Sign up here.



Asurion Lets the Talent Talk

Asurion, the leader in device protection and support, has partnered with Talkpush to accelerate its hiring on social media. You can engage in a chat with Stanley our recruitment chatbot by writing to their Facebook career page. Apply for a job at Asurion here.



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Talkpush 2021 Review: Turning lemons into lemonade

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