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Why do Colombians hate your recruitment process?

October 3, 2023
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In the competitive Colombian market, where bilingual talent is a coveted gem, companies face a challenge: to offer a recruitment experience that not only attracts but also retains. We interv...
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      The 1st interviewing software for Facebook Messenger

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      Mobile, ubiquitous, easy to use: Facebook Messenger is the place where you can locate almost anyone. Embracing the messaging age, Talkpush is the first recruitment software company to partner with Facebook Messenger to provide a 100% digital interviewing experience.


      Say hello to Stanley, the first recruitment chatbot that can access the 1 billion+ active monthly users on Facebook Messenger. Stanley allows candidates to browse job listings, apply for the jobs that suit them and even complete their initial interview via the Facebook Messenger app. Candidates get a chance to tell their story via audio answers, which are then made available for employer, so that recruiters can evaluate their interpersonal and language skills.


      Facebook Messenger has 1 billion active monthly users (tied for the #1 spot with WhatsApp as of September 2016), ten times more than LinkedIn. With almost 90% of the traffic on Facebook on mobile, it is essential for employers engaging with candidates on Facebook to have an interface which is simple, linear and doesn’t take a lot of space. Facebook Messengers offers the perfect platform.


      Using Stanley, candidates can easily browse job listings on Messenger, apply for the job that suits them and submit their details as part of the application. Stanley even goes one step further and automates the initial screening interview by asking candidates to answer some questions via audio. This audio recording is made available to the employer so they can evaluate the candidate’s interpersonal and language skills. This method of automated screening is ideal for young people entering the workplace, and ideal for customer-interfacing jobs in sales, customer service, healthcare or education.


      Max Armbruster, Talkpush CEO, explained the company’s decision to work with Facebook Messenger: “Whereas the talent was on job boards ten years ago, and on social media two years ago, it now spends most of its time on messaging apps. Recruitment advertising is shifting to these platforms which lend themselves perfectly to starting a conversation with candidates.”


      The company also announced it the release of a 2.0 version of its recruitment software in early December 2016 to support recruitment over messaging for its enterprise users worldwide.


      About Talkpush
      Talkpush Lets the Talent Talk. Talkpush is making volume hiring fun and personal again. Turn social media into an effective talent sourcing engine by giving candidates a voice and chat-enabled platform where they can talk about their suitability for a role as soon as they apply. Find out how you can use Talkpush to engage in real-time conversations with tens of thousands of candidates by writing to us today. For further information, go to or write to us at