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Why do Colombians hate your recruitment process?

October 3, 2023
5 min read
In the competitive Colombian market, where bilingual talent is a coveted gem, companies face a challenge: to offer a recruitment experience that not only attracts but also retains. We interv...
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      5 min read
      Lukas Bierfreund
      Lukas Bierfreund
      Head of Solutions Engineering

      Talkpush partners with Google to get listed jobs indexed

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      Jobs listed in inside Talkpush now appear directly in Google Search results.


      We are excited to announce our integration with Google Cloud, which means Talkpush customers will have their jobs automatically listed in Google search results.

      Introduction to Google Cloud Talent

      We knew that the industry would be changed forever when Google entered the recruitment space in 2017, announcing the launch of their Google Hire and Cloud Talent Solution. This solution makes job searches smarter, going beyond typical keyword-based methods and using AI to provide candidates and employers with much better results. This provides employers worldwide with more organic traffic coming from Google, and a lower reliance on job boards and other paid advertising channels.

      How Cloud Talent works

      Rather than go from one job board to another, job seekers can now simply search for “jobs around me” or “customer support jobs in Singapore” and a list of jobs will be displayed by Google. See below

      “Google” any job and you will see a list of “Jobs” generated from various sources, including job boards like AngelList and ATS/CRMs like Talkpush. You can then “Explore Jobs” to see a full marketplace of relevant jobs generated from various job boards and Applicant Tracking Systems.

      Google Search employs Machine Learning in order to match job seekers with the right vacancies faster. Their AI-powered job search delivers:

      • Higher completion rates as candidates are able to apply to the rightjob in just a few clicks.
      • Better quality of applicants thanks to a better matching of the job seekers’ intents and the job vacancies’ requirements.

      3 ways to get the most out of Google via Talkpush

      1. Optimized job descriptions

      The quality of leads increases by showing the right job to the applicant. To get your jobs the best ranking inside the Google Jobs Search results, we offer the following recommendations:

      • Be very concise and clear in the job description
      • Use standard job titles
      • Provide the accurate salary
      • Provide the exact location

      2. A faster application process

      At Talkpush, we always preach the virtues of a simplified, quick application process. You can audit your own job application process very simply by applying to a job at your company. A general rule of thumb: if it takes more than 5 minutes to apply, you’re making things too hard for candidates.

      We specialize in faster, optimized application processes, making it easier for candidates by sticking to the following guidelines:

      • We let the candidates finish their application where they started it… without bouncing them from social media to a website to email, etc.
      • We design mobile-first interfaces for candidates, with every job application form and process designed to be easy to complete on a small screen.
      • We let you capture all the essential information you need without (necessarily) relying on a resume.
      • We let candidates complete their application via their messaging app of choice, whether it be Messenger, WhatsApp, Line, WeChat, … or even good old SMS!

      Combine Google Search with a simple and short application process (like the one supported by Talkpush), and you will achieve the best results.

      3. Two-for-one or many-for-one: get your job posting listed by everyone to optimize its visibility

      Have you ever heard the expression “Every road leads to Rome?” In today’s world, this could be updated to “every listing leads to Google”. In this world where data is more accessible than ever for candidates, you cannot afford to post on 1 website and hope for the best. Increasing your exposure will correlate directly with a better talent pool.

      Talkpush makes it easier for every job post you have to get maximum visibility:

      • Every new job will by default be listed on Google.
      • We offer two-way integration with other CRMs and ATSs to make sure that every job posting in Talkpush will also be listed in your other databases (some of which have also got an integration with Google).
      • We even offer you the option to post jobs on the marketplace of the other tech giant moving into recruitment: Facebook.
      Talkpush is the first recruitment CRM that lets you post on Google and Facebook

      We look forward to connecting talent with jobs more intelligently with the help of Google for the years to come!

      Talkpush is the new way employers and candidates connect all over the world. We believe hiring is about starting conversations; and are on a mission to level up the recruitment experience.

      If you like what you read, share using #Letthetalenttalk or #levelup and don’t be shy with your 👏👏👏 If you’d like to know more about this new feature or our products in general, you can schedule a demo here.