Remote Hiring Changes Everything

  Employers will need to adapt their recruitment strategy in order to attract remote and WFH talent, or they risk paying a heavy price down the road.   I work with some of the largest employ...
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Talkpush & LPU partner to connect graduates to the job market

Talkpush Limited, a company focused on automating interviews, today announces its new partnership with the prominent Lyceum University of the Philippines (LPU). The collaboration gives rise to LPUTalk — an integrated platform that connects graduates of LPU with in-demand job opportunities in the Philippines.


This joint initiative is spearheaded by LPU’s Center for Career Services & Industry Relations (CCSI), in line with its mission to match its students with relevant job offers. In a competitive job market environment like that in the Philippines, many fresh graduates are often left unemployed due to a combination of overwhelming job postings and inefficient screening procedures.


LPUTalk can significantly improve the hiring landscape as students graduating from the University can gain more exposure to a list of prestigious organisations in the Philippines which have come forward to support the initiative. These potential employers can benefit from both Talkpush’s efficient and automated candidate screening process and from access to LPU’s a pool of fresh graduates.


“LPUTalk offers LPU graduates more than a name and a resume — it gives them an actual voice that employers can listen to and screen, restoring the human factor within the hiring process that is often obfuscated by test scores, poorly developed resumes, and even unconscious biases. LPUTalk understands that employers are not looking for good test-takers, they are searching for genuinely valuable candidates with the potential that they need to hear to appreciate,” stated a press release issued by LPU.

Talkpush CEO Max Armbruster gives more detail: “Talkpush will offer to each student the possibility to complete a Talkpush interview, and create an audio profile which will then be shared directly with some of the country’s leading employers. We believe that getting the voices of those young job seekers heard by employers will give them a crucial edge in their job search.”


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Remote Hiring Changes Everything

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