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Why do Colombians hate your recruitment process?

October 3, 2023
5 min read
In the competitive Colombian market, where bilingual talent is a coveted gem, companies face a challenge: to offer a recruitment experience that not only attracts but also retains. We interv...
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      May 2016: Now integrated with Google Forms

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      Let’s jump on a call and explore how Talkpush can help your team.

      Nothing gets us more excited than free stuff that works. That’s why we are so happy to release Google Form integration with Talkpush. Our users can now create a Google form (for free), post it online (e.g. on Facebook) and integrate the associated Google Sheet with a Talkpush campaign, so that candidates are automatically interviewed over the phone the minute they apply.


      This and more updates from Talkpush below…



      Google Form Integration

      Google Forms, which are used by recruiters everywhere to create simple, mobile-friendly forms, are now integrated with Talkpush. This means that you can create a form, link up the Google sheet where all the data is being captured to a Talkpush campaign, and get each of the new candidates to receive a phone call.




      Talkpush = Your multilingual recruiter

      Talkpush users can now choose from a selection of interview questions in French, Chinese and English. We’d be happy to add new languages as per your request. So next time you are trying to schedule an interview in Japanese or Arabic, consider how much easier it would be to just email your language expert a completed audio interview for them to review.




      Valor Global lets the talent talk!

      Arizona-based Valor Global has recently opened its offices in the Philippines and Costa Rica. To accelerate the hiring process, Valor Global has started using Talkpush a few months ago. Walk-in candidates are asked to participate in a Talkpush interview for an initial screening. Candidates can also sign up for a Talkpush-powered interview anytime on




      HR Automation Summit rocked!

      It was a treat speaking at the recent HR Automation Summit in Manila. This is a picture of me trying to scare the audience… I summarized my speaking points in this article just published on Linkedin. Check it out! Next up: I will be co-hosting a seminar in SAP’s Hong Kong offices on the topic “Is Performance Management Outdated”. Find out more here, and please let me know asap if you want an invitation.