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Talkpush 2021 Review: Turning lemons into lemonade

A deep dive into the 2021 recruitment journey with Talkpush 2021 was a tough year for candidates, with many forced to stay home and unsure what the future held, but it was also a great time ...
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July 2015 : on the merits and perils of recruitment automation

Want to sell your company as an employer of choice? Nobody is better qualified for this task than your recruitment team. To let them do this essential job, you must first reduce their workload on the administrative tasks, such as sorting resumes or chasing internal approvals. This is why automation can be such game-changer if applied intelligently. This month, I’ll introduce you to a new automation from Talkpush: how to import candidates from previous recruitment campaigns via excel import. I’ll also share some thoughts on the limitations of automation… Perhaps the actual screening is better left to us humans, for the time being at least.


Excel In, Excel Out: Your New Sourcing Engine

0*LhPQEksYKkBQLoy5Talkpush users were already able to export data from their recruitment campaigns into excel. Now, they can also import candidates’ data from excel. Thanks to our new CSV importer, a recruiter with access to an existing talent pool can now start a new campaign and send hundreds of personalized SMSes and emails to candidates, within minutes. This can be used to “reheat” past candidates by including them into a new campaign. Ready to import hundreds of candidates at a click of button? View the instructional video here.



The Limits Of Automated Assessment


When I first tell people about Talkpush and how it works, I sometimes get a disappointed reaction, that goes like this: “So we still have to listen to each candidate? What’s the point then?”. The point of course is to save time on all the mundane, peripheral activities such as scheduling, questioning, and staring blankly at a candidate you’ve already written off. Do you really want a standard algorithm to decide who your next hires are going to be? This is an old debate in the HR space, about how far we can take automated assessment, which was re-ignited last month by this article in Time magazine. The risk of over-reliance on automated assessment is to end up with a uniform workforce. My recommendation: automate everything except the core: listening to candidates, and selling them on the merits of your company.



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Talkpush 2021 Review: Turning lemons into lemonade

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