Pipelining Strategies for Upcoming Ramp-ups

In this virtual discussion, Ben Bagg, Director of Partnerships at Talkpush, along with Gillisa Pope, Director of Sourcing Design and Strategy at WilsonHCG talk about what pipelining looks li...
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January 2015 : Company Update

The holidays have been a busy time for us: new website, new software features, new Resource Hub. With every step, we hope to make Talkpush more efficient, more pleasant and more secure to use.

And for those who haven’t used Talkpush before, we’ve created a simple new service called the Dollar Interview. More on that below… As always, keep me posted if you have any suggestions or feedback, And a happy new year from all us at Talkpush!

A new look for the new year.

We’ve released a new company website, more in line with our position as a trusted talent acquisition adviser to large corporations. We’ve also released a new online database for our users called the Resource Hub, complete with how-to videos to get people started, as well as a depository of audio questions which people can use to interview their candidates. This section will grow over time, as we continue to make candidate screening faster and and more effective.

Higher security and control

Our users can now restrict access to their account based on location. This feature is useful for companies concerned with protecting confidential information about their candidates from potential spies within. We have also started to enforce the single user login, added a domain name white lists, and added the option for the administrators to offer different levels of access to different users. All of these essential features will make it easier for large, multi-site, multi-country companies to use Talkpush.

Talkpush for beginners: say hello to the “Dollar Interview”

Getting people to try new things takes time… So we decided to launch a new service that would remove all barriers to entry, so that anyone can get a feel for Talkpush without having to spend more than $1. This service is called the “Dollar Interview”. So if you know a recruiter who could benefit from Talkpush, just send them to this page.

While the Dollar Interview does not offer employers all the options that a Talkpush subscription does, it will give them a sense for the time savings generated from automating the initial phone screening process.

Did You Know?

Did you know that you can flag and remove duplicate candidates? It’s never been easier to keep an eye out for those candidates that re-apply over and over again. See how in this video.

Spread the word

Do you know companies handling large recruitment volumes? Please feel free to connect me directly via email and I will show them how Talkpush can help them recruit faster and better.

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Pipelining Strategies for Upcoming Ramp-ups

In this virtual discussion, Ben Bagg, Director of Partnerships at Talkpush, along with Gillisa Pope, Dire...
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