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Interview anytime, anywhere with the new Talkpush phone app


Talkpush, a recruitment automation solution provider, today announced the launch of its much awaited free smartphone application. This application allows candidates to complete their initial screening interview remotely (any time, any place), even in locations with limited Internet connectivity. This new release is designed to improve the recruitment experience, making it easier than ever for job seekers to get their voices heard by employers globally.


Employers using Talkpush to screen incoming job applications can now offer candidates the option to download the Talkpush application at no cost, allowing them to complete their first audio screening without having to initiate a phone call. The Talkpush app directs each applicant to the right set of questions specific to the job they applied for. With this application, candidates can complete the interview on their smartphones at the convenience of their own homes or preferred locations. This allows employers to consider a broader talent pool in a shorter timeframe, in line with Talkpush’s promise to help better and faster recruitment.


The application, with its user-friendly and organised interface, is capable of capturing audio responses to job-specific questions as well as a photo of the candidate. The total upload data size of an interview is, on average, 10 to 15 MB per interview, making it fast and accessible even in areas where 3G and WiFi access is limited.


Talkpush CEO Max Armbruster explained: “smartphones have become the norm, even in emerging markets, and every 20 to 30 year old either owns a smartphone or can get access to one. We are excited to release this product and hope it will save candidates thousands of hours in long journeys on public transport to attend interviews where they may end up getting rejected.” Mr. Armbruster further emphasised the priority for an Android app, as it holds the dominant market share in emerging Asia, especially in countries like Philippines, China and India.


To download the application, which is now only available on Google Play for Android users, please click here. Talkpush will be available on the App Store in coming months.

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