Pipelining Strategies for Upcoming Ramp-ups

In this virtual discussion, Ben Bagg, Director of Partnerships at Talkpush, along with Gillisa Pope, Director of Sourcing Design and Strategy at WilsonHCG talk about what pipelining looks li...
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Max Armbruster
Max Armbruster
CEO Talkpush


Are you trying to attract talent from a competitor? Are you looking to recruit some promising fresh graduates from a school with great repute? If so, you should leverage a new feature of Facebook Advertising which allows you to go “hyper” local and advertise directly to your target audience. With Hyper Localized advertising you can now limit your ad distribution within a 1-mile radius.


Here is a 4-step guide to help you get started:


Step 1

Before you get started, you will need to collect the exact address(es) that you will be targeting. If you are targeting the employees of a competitor, make sure you capture the address where they operate from, not the legal headquarter, as these are often not the same. You can enter multiple addresses by dropping multiple pins.

In the Location section of the Ad Set, you would typically select “Everyone in this Location”. (Facebook offers you the option to only target “residents” alternatively)

Note: in this example above, we should probably remove the “field of study” filter to increase the size of the audience… We’d want a few thousands.


Step 2

Reduce the radius to within a 1-mile from the dropped pin. This will ensure your ads being viewed only within the exact vicinity of the location/landmark you are focusing on. More targeted marketing means a better return on investment for each of your advertising dollar.


Step 3

Next, place the detailing criteria such as the age group and demographics to specify the exact audience you are interested in. In the screenshot below, Talkpush is targeting University of Philippines and looking to recruit Interns; as such, our detailed targeting includes college going students and graduates, who have taken courses in Business, Arts, Commerce, or similar fields of study.

Same concept can be applied to a business park where your competitor has their office and you are looking to recruit people who have Customer Service or Sales job titles.


Options are essentially unlimited. You can put other detailing filters such as: A) candidates with prior employment record

B) candidates with specific job titles

C) candidates with an interest in technical skills/roles

D) candidates with specific fields of study (e.g. Bachelor of Science in Accountancy)

etc. etc. (the options are literally endless).


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