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Candidate-Centric and Cost-Effective: Walmart's Strategic Move to Talkpush for Technical Aptitude Tests

October 31, 2023
5 min read
Having closely worked with Walmart on this transformative project, I'm thrilled to share our collaborative journey. We embarked on a mission to enhance Walmart's recruitment process, focusin...
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      5 min read
      Ivanha Paz
      Ivanha Paz
      Content Writer at Talkpush

      How to Turn the World into your Talent Pool

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      Job Location: Anywhere you want.


      The right talent can be found anywhere in the world, but managing a global talent pipeline requires some adjustments.


      Remote positions are on the rise, as more companies adopt a global philosophy, hiring the best talent regardless of where they are. It’s a model that’s worked for us at Talkpush, we hire the most qualified talent from all around the world and use a number of tools to keep our teams connected across multiple time zones and continents. But, how did we get here?

      The answer is multi-layered, but really it all starts from taking advantage of the sourcing capabilities the digital recruiting tool we envisioned building five years ago now offers. Our tagline “The world is your talent pool” is something we take to heart. By using a chatbot that sources and engages candidates in their preferred platform, be it Facebook, SMS, Whatsapp, or email (Just Facebook and Whatsapp alone have 1.6 billion monthly active users) your talent pool expands more than it’s ever been possible.

      Finding a Tone that Suits a Local Audience

      Our conversational designers have developed Stanley, a conversational agent — aka chatbot — to respond in 18 languages. We also custom design branded bots, that embrace the unique style and brand of each employer; give it a personality and adapt it to the communication channels that are most effective in the local markets. Why? Because candidates live in the real world, not in your global headquarters.

      One of our customers, global BPO, Transcom, uses a branded recruiting bot named Ces. Ces is always dressed for the occasion, whether it’s a hot summer month, or he’s celebrating Easter, Transcom engages candidates with fun GIFS they can identify with. They also get creative with re-engagement. Ces started sending out a pussy cat meme to candidates who hadn’t finished their application and their completion rate went up from 26% to a whopping 70%.

      We also designed a branded bot for IT service management company, VXI PH, aptly named Vixie. Besides actively sourcing and helping candidates along the application process, Vixie engages them in fun interactions such as asking them to comment their last used gif on Friday using the hashtag #TGIFriday. This way they were able to relate to their audience on a more personal level, and show the company personality.

      Global Adoption

      We’re always striving to increase global adoption, to adapt our recruiting solution at a large scale. For example, Stanley just underwent a 42% increase in accuracy across all regions in the past six months, thanks to a project our conversational designers embarked on. They looked at millions of data points from all of our markets, accounting for differences in speech patterns, preferred words, and cultural context; and fed all this info into the bot’s “brain.”

      When it comes to adapting, data is your friend. Study your audience, find out their preferred ways for engaging with recruiters, and put those insights to use. Look at engagement levels per platform, which messaging is the most successful, and of course, listen to candidate feedback.

      Going Beyond the Chatbot

      That’s all well and good, but if you now have thousands of applicants instead of hundreds, how do you manage them? Or even study them? Where do you find all this data? Going back to our earlier point, the answer is multi-layered. Using automated workflows through a campaign management system (or CRM) in conjunction with your bot allows you to pre-screen candidates, keep them informed of any actions taken with their application, easily shortlist them for automatic interview scheduling that syncs up with your recruiters’ calendars, and keep track of customizable data points that represent the big picture.


      With an automated sourcing and screening system in place, as well as an embedded analytics dashboard to boot, you can craft endless combinations of data points, track all of your campaigns, look at what’s working and what isn’t, find out which candidates finish the application and which end up dropping off somewhere along the line. These are all opportunities for higher engagement, and re-capturing qualified leads that have gone cold. Plus, you can process larger volumes faster.

      Attracting Candidates

      Your employer brand also needs to reflect your multicultural ambitions, so that candidates who are interested in your philosophy can come to you. To strengthen and build upon it there are many tools at your disposal — in this area, social media is your biggest ally. Employing recruiting tools that are easily integrated and allow you to manage and create targeted social media campaigns, as well as the branded bots we mentioned earlier will allow you to attract a wide variety of candidates all over the globe.

      Besides interactive job campaigns, social media is the best way to constantly attract passive talent, by showing how cool you are. Employer brand initiatives are based on visual content focused on company culture. At Talkpush, we recently implemented #TakeoverTuesday on Instagram, where we give a different employee an opportunity to be in charge of our Instagram account every Tuesday.

      Using the stories feature they have the chance to show all of our followers what their day-to-day looks like, how remote work offers them flexibility, what tools we use, and how teams interact with one another. It’s an excellent opportunity, not only to attract potential candidates who like the way we work, but also to further engage our employees in company life. Since we started, we have organically increased our Instagram followers by almost 100%!

      Other initiatives that have proven to be successful include sharing:

      • Events we attend, host, or sponsor
      • Team pictures
      • Team-building
      • Office outings
      • Anything else that provides a glimpse into the job

      Planning Ahead

      The point is to showcase the fun, the challenges, and the atmosphere. It’s important to set these strategies with clear goals in mind, a methodology, which could be as simple as a sign up sheet along with helpful guidelines, and measure their success.

      For any of these to work your team has to be on board and they need to know what the expectations are, so think of ways to get them excited and participating. A calendar of events will help you plan ahead, as well as keep track of social movements you can jump on like #GlobalTADay, so you don’t miss out on any opportunities to share the great stuff your team is up to and get in on the engagement offered by industry-wide hashtags on specific dates.

      Be Authentic

      The most important aspect of staying on top in a global market is to be yourself. Candidates can tell when you’re trying too hard, so don’t get caught up in finding the most trendy meme, or what GIF is going around. Instead, focus on sending communications that capture who you are, whether that is a geeky company, or a formal executive type, or you offer a relaxed jeans and sandals kind of vibe. That way, the candidates who apply, are already excited about being a part of your team, because they already like you — and now it’s easier than ever for them to find you.

      Talkpush is the new way employers and candidates connect all over the world. We believe hiring is about starting conversations; and are on a mission to level up the recruitment experience. Want to know more? Schedule a demo 👉👉👉 here.

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