Remote Hiring Changes Everything

  Employers will need to adapt their recruitment strategy in order to attract remote and WFH talent, or they risk paying a heavy price down the road.   I work with some of the largest employ...
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April 2015 : Launch of the Talkpush App

Am I getting old or is the world just moving faster? Probably a little bit
of both. It’s certainly shocking to many of us how quickly the phone went from a device for making calls, to a device with which you can text and use apps. To respond to this changing world, Talkpush finally launched its own mobile app just last week.


To connect with talent, employers need to make themselves as accessible as possible. In this day and age, that means being accessible on mobile phones apps. An entire generation of talent is waiting for you there. So if your company is still doing things the old way (asking incoming candidates to fill a long questionnaire on old static websites), this could be the time to take another look at Talkpush.


Interview anytime, anywhere with the new Talkpush app


With the launch of our much awaited free smartphone application (available here), Talkpush is now effectively available anywhere.


The new app uses the same method that Talkpush already implements: it asks candidates pre-recorded questions, giving them limited time to respond to each question. With the phone app option, expect an increase in response rate from candidates. Plus, the phone app also allows the candidates to capture a photo of themselves (yes, it’s a “selfie”). In order to satisfy the demands of the emerging market, where internet connectivity can be poor, the app was designed to keep the size for an interview upload to under 15mb.


The app is available free to candidates and free as an add-on to their Talkpush subscription for our customers.


Talkpush wins Tech In Asia competition!

In case you missed it, Talkpush made headlines last month by clinching a win at the Tech In Asia Hong Kong competition. Talkpush will proudly move on to represent Hong Kong startups at the Tech In Asia conference in Singapore on May 6 and 7. Please come to visit our booth if you’re visiting the event!


Doesn’t searching for keywords in someone’s interview answers make more sense than searching for it through their resumes? By exporting the campaign data in Talkpush, you can do just that.


Do you know companies handling large recruitment volumes? Connect them with me via email so I can show them how Talkpush can help them recruit more efficiently.


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Remote Hiring Changes Everything

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