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Candidate-Centric and Cost-Effective: Walmart's Strategic Move to Talkpush for Technical Aptitude Tests

October 31, 2023
5 min read
Having closely worked with Walmart on this transformative project, I'm thrilled to share our collaborative journey. We embarked on a mission to enhance Walmart's recruitment process, focusin...
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      3 Ways to use Talkpush to hire faster on LinkedIn

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      Let’s jump on a call and explore how Talkpush can help your team.

      Reduce your time sourcing talent on LinkedIn by as much as 80% by using these simple Talkpush “hacks”

      LinkedIn is one of the favorite talent marketplaces for recruiters worldwide and a famously competitive ecosystem. In order to give recruiters an edge in the war for talent, Talkpush offers a few weapons outlined below.

      Method 1: Use the Talkpush Chrome Extension to capture LinkedIn candidate profile in just one click


      The Talkpush Chrome extension is a tool recruiters can use on any job board and works perfectly with LinkedIn. You can install Talkpush Chrome Extension here and start using it to collect data and contact candidates while you are in LinkedIn. You then log in with your Talkpush credentials (same as for your Talkpush CRM) and you can start adding candidates into Talkpush as you browse through their profiles.

      Method 2: Inbound: Job Post in LinkedIn and contact them immediately via Talkpush

      LinkedIn lets you post and advertise jobs to attract potential candidates. To integrate Talkpush with a LinkedIn job post, you simply paste the inbound email address associated with a Talkpush job campaign (you can find it in the sourcing tab)

      Caption: paste your Talkpush campaign inbound email in your LinkedIn notification tab
      Caption: once a candidate applies, he/she will automatically receive an invitational email and SMS to complete the online interview. Also, a Talkpush profile will be crated containing all their personal information and their audio answers.

      Once this is done, every LinkedIn applicant will automatically be added to the associated campaign and will be contacted via email or SMS to move to the next step in the recruitment process (you decide).

      Key benefits:

      1. Recruiters can search the saved LinkedIn profiles directly in the Talkpush CRM, with their interview notes, without having to log in LinkedIn
      2. Candidates are immediately engaged into the next step in the process.
      3. Candidates get a chance to tell their story, beyond the rigid format of a LinkedIn profile or a cover letter, by answering job-specific questions which can be completed in just a few minutes.

      Method 3: Drive Traffic to Talkpush job landing page via Sponsored Advertising


      LinkedIn also offers its users the option to buy sponsored advertising to generate traffic and attract applicants. Using Talkpush job landing page, which are optimized to give you the best conversion rate, you can then capture this traffic into full job applications, complete with audio recording from your candidates.

      This sponsored advertising technique has proven to be effective way to attract applicants, particularly for technical positions where you can deliver your advertising to a targeted audience.

      Caption: Paste this Landing Page URL in the Campaign Settings of your LinkedIn job post
      Caption: That link will redirected candidate to a Talkpush interview landing page where they can record their answers in text or voice.