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The Winning Formula Generating High-Quality Leads at Minimal Cost with FB Lead Ads and Messenger in the Philippines

May 14, 2024
5 min read
Facebook Lead Ads have become the norm in lead generation for the Philippines, praised for their cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Candidates can instantly share their pre-populated detail...
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      5 min read
      Nikky Enemchukwu
      Nikky Enemchukwu
      Recruitment Automation Expert at Talkpush

      Watch The Highlights: The Global BPO TA Awards 2022

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      Over 60 nominations! 5 award categories! 5 winners! The 2022 Global BPO Talent Acquisition Awards saw nominations from leading BPOs all over the globe including recruitment teams in the Philippines, South Africa, India, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Honduras, Jamaica, Australia, and many more! 

      Who will win? Who will come close? Catch the highlights below!


      blog Image 4 BPO AWARDS-07 (1)

      In its second edition, The Global BPO Talent Acquisition Awards hosted by The Recruitment Hackers was created to celebrate outstanding recruitment teams and professionals in the BPO industry. This year's event brought in top HR professionals in the global BPO space!


      Did you miss the LIVE event? Watch the full virtual award ceremony below 👇


      Don’t feel like watching? 
      No worries, here's a recap of the night's events 👇



      We had 5 award categories up for grabs and 4 judges:

      Award Categories: 


      1. The  Inclusivity Champion Award judged by Bianca Stringuini, DEI Expert and Change Leader


      2. Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign judged by Akhilesh Nair, Managing Director at Talent Group Partners


      3. Candidate Experience Champion judged by Jun Abo, Consultant at Bright Mango Solutions


      4. The Fastest Recruitment Process award judged by Chad Sowash Co-founder / Podcaster at The Chad & Cheese Podcast


      5. And finally, the  Most Inspiring TA Leader award which is the people’s choice award. You all decided on the winner in this category.


      All the judges were independently selected based on their impressive experience in the categories where they would be deciding the winners. Their decisions were not influenced by The Recruitment Hackers and all the honorees won strictly by merit.


      On to the main section of the night! Finding out the award winners! 


      The first award up for the evening was the Candidate Experience Champion Category, judged by our amazing international Judge, Jun Abo, Consultant at Bright Mango Solutions. 


      Watch the highlights below 👇



      Congratulations to the hiring team at TaskUs (SEA) for winning the Candidate Experience Champion Award!

      Next up, the Fastest Recruitment Process category, judged by Chad Sowash, Co-founder / Podcaster at The Chad & Cheese Podcast. Who took home the award for having a swift recruitment process to the delight of candidates?


      Find out below 👇



      Congratulations, Concentrix!

      We took a short break from the festivities to hear from the Awards' official sponsor, Talkpush, the leading automated recruiting platform designed to make the work of recruiters and TA Leaders a whole lot easier. 

      Learn how Talkpush product, TalkScore can help you determine a candidate's English ability in a minute or two! Really impressive stuff.



      Moving on to the next award category, Best Recruitment Marketing Campaign. Judged by Akhilesh Nair, Managing Director at Talent Group Partners, our winner of the night was Afni Philippines. See how Afni wowed our judge in the highlight video below:


      The Inclusivity Champion award was up next! DEI Expert and Change Leader, Bianca Striguini announced the recruitment team at Concentrix as the winners of this year's Inclusivity Champion award.


      Congratulations, Inclusivity Champions! Learn what makes them stand out below: 👇




      Finally, our special award: the Most Inspiring TA Leader Award! And to announce the winner, we called again to the stage, Talkpush CEO, Max Armbruster who revealed how voting for this category played out and the many many votes that came in and clearly decided the winner.

      Vishesh Raj, Regional Recruitment Leader at Genpact Philippines emerged as this year's Most Inspiring TA Leader. Watch below 👇



      And that's a wrap! 


      We had a great time celebrating our Global BPO Talent Acquisition Awards nominees and winners and we hope to see you participate next year!


      Can’t get enough? 

      Check out our latest podcast episodes from Recruitment Hackers Leader, Max Armbruster.


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