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Getting Evil with “The Evil HR Lady” - Forced Vacations, Termination Policies, and More

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Max Armbruster
Max Armbruster
CEO Talkpush

Voxpro welcomes Stanley the chatbot

Earlier this year, Voxpro decided to open a new office in the Philippines, with the stated target of hiring 300 staff within a few weeks. Voxpro’s talent acquisition team adapted its recruitment strategy to the local market by opening a new recruitment channel via Facebook. You can check out Voxpro Philippines’ Facebook page here.


Inviting thousands of social media viewers to learn about its employer brand, values and its company culture via a newly created Facebook page, Voxpro therefore needed to handle thousands of incoming inquiries about the company, the career opportunities, the qualifications required, etc.


Enter Stanley!
By adding Stanley, the recruitment chatbot, to their Facebook career page, Voxpro has been able to respond to the thousands of inquiries faster, and to build a large talent pool that will help to sustain its growth in the Philippines for the year to come.


What does Stanley do for Voxpro?


Answers candidate questions
What positions are available? What are the working hours? Where are the offices located? As a new player in the Philippines, Voxpro had to answer a thousand questions from potential job seekers. By driving the traffic to the Stanley chatbot, it is able to get to everyone in a timely (in fact, instantaneous) manner without requiring an army of recruiters.


Hires people, not resumes!
Stanley allows Voxpro to learn more about candidate’s personalities, communication skills and general empathy by asking each of them a series of questions via audio interview. Hearing the candidates’ speak offers the recruiters a much more relevant insight into their qualification for the role than a resume or a diploma.


Increases the talent pool
By offering a way for candidates to apply via Facebook Messenger, Voxpro removed some of the hidden barrier to entry that candidates regularly encounter. In a market with notoriously poor Internet speed, it was essential to tell candidates they could apply using the messaging app that is already installed on their phone, and without having to visit any fancy career site. Voxpro is simply welcomes candidates: just tell us who you are and we’ll tell you’re a good fit. Thousands of conversations were thus initiated in a matter of weeks.


Keeps the conversation going
Once an interview is completed with Stanley, the Facebook Messenger communication channel is open, which means Voxpro’s recruitment team can use Talkpush system to write back and forth to the candidate to qualify them, validate their suitability further, and invite them for a face to face interview. By connecting with them on Facebook Messenger, Voxpro knows that 99%+ of its messages will be opened and read, without incurring any of the telecom charges.


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