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Strategic Recruitment with WhatsApp: a comprehensive guide for modern hiring

April 11, 2024
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WhatsApp, renowned as the world's leading instant messaging platform, enjoys remarkable popularity, with over 93% usage among the 18 to 65-year-old demographic across key regions in Asia and...
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      Angelica Abanilla
      Angelica Abanilla
      Marketing Specialist at Talkpush

      Top 10 Recruitment Hacker Episodes of 2021

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      2021 was been a crazy busy year for recruiters everywhere, and you might have missed out on some of our weekly episodes. But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered with this list of the ten most popular episodes of the year.




      10. High Volume Retail Hiring with VP of TA from Lowe

      “Good talent is good talent. I can train you with product knowledge, but it's harder to train you to seek out a customer.”

      In a time when a lot of people were still waiting for the lockdowns to be lifted and for retail to come back, Robert Daugherty, VP of Talent Acquisition at Lowe’s, shares Lowe’s success story, as the demand for hourly workers grew and the talent supply dwindled, he and his team got to work on a candidate-centric process, leveraging technology and innovative dynamics to increase interest, awareness, and candidates with true potential.


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      9. Hiring Accountants in High Volume with Lana Morgan from TOA Global

      “Recruitment is a real personality fit. I think once you've got that right, you can then train them up and make sure they're successful.”

      Lana Morgan, VP of Talent at TOA Global goes over the intricacies of hiring at scale for a niche role: accounting. With “Big Fours'' acting as talent development firms, the recruiting set-up is truly fascinating (and a lot more focused on personality, rather than skills).


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      8.  Field of Dreams: Closing the Tech Gap in HR with Tim Meehan from Pontoon

      “Hiring somebody is a sacred responsibility, and if you hire people that don't work out, you gotta own it. Don't think about your mistake. Take it as a personal reflection of your leadership and hiring competency.”

      Tim Meehan, VP And Global Head for Talent Acquisition Innovation Lab at Pontoon, discusses the complexities of recruiting tech stacks, best-of-breed solutions, and different approaches for TA teams to bridge the gap between IT and recruiting.


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      7. Building a better working world with Larry Nash from EY

      “I do think by having a consistent game you're helping to reduce some unconscious bias in the process, and it just adds another data point to making more informed decisions, and not going on gut, which can happen in the assessment process.”

      Larry Nash, Americas Director of Talent Attraction and Acquisition at EY, talks about the trend in talent pools across every industry to look for companies that align with their values. He says for TA teams it’s a great opportunity to differentiate themselves and attract top talent, centering the process on company values, which in EY’s case is building a better working world. He also delves into his current TA tech stack, and their acceleration with automation during the past year to create a faster and more engaging application process.


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      6. From the Creators of Call of Duty: Creative Recruiting

      “If you're a good recruiter, you don't go in saying, 'This is the great stuff about the candidate'. You have to go into your hiring manager and say, 'These are the challenges. This is where this person is going to need to support'.”

      Max interviews Robin Linn, Senior Director for Creative Recruiting at Activision Blizzard (the video game company responsible for World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, and many more!) Far from the world of high volume recruitment, Robin deals with extremely small talent pools, we’re talking like 70 people worldwide. The relationships and intimate process involved are fascinating.


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      5. Recruiting as Internal Matchmaking with Ashleigh Anderson from Credit Karma

      “It's hard to hire recruiters. I think that if you find driven passionate people who have high potential, mold them into the recruiter you want them to be, hire them right out of college, give them the tools that they need to be successful.”

      During the pandemic, Credit Karma took a people over profit approach and managed to retain all their employees. VP of Global Talent Acquisition, Ashleigh Anderson, goes into how they managed to do it, with the TA team at the helm, finding internal opportunities to move people around company departments in jobs they were a natural fit for. Plus, leaning down their recruiting team opened up opportunities for automation and new tech solutions.


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      4. Imagining the Ideal Candidate Journey in 2021

      “There are two things that candidates care about. One is an opportunity to prove themselves. And the second is that if they're not going to get the job, can someone please get back to them very quickly and tell them. When candidates say things like, ‘I don't want to be automated’ or ‘I don't want to talk to a machine'. What they‘re really saying is ‘I don't want to be unfairly disqualified’.”

      Traditional recruitment is out, innovative top-notch candidate experiences online are in. So in this episode, some of the top recruiting experts like MeAnn Batallones from 24[7].ai, Hazel Camacho from Inspiro, Jarrod Kagan from Probe, and Omer Molad from Vervoe discuss the most efficient and successful ways of leveraging technology to deal with increased volumes while building fully online experiences.


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      3. The World of Digital Recruitment Marketing with Jared Hummel from Parqa

      “Every staffing firm owner’s solution is to hire 5 or 10 more recruiters or sales representatives to solve a revenue growth problem and that is something we're trying to fix. Because I can promise you that there are more efficient ways to go about it."

      In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers Podcast, Max interviews Jared Hummel, President at Parqa Digital Marketing Agency. Jared talks about the importance of investing long-term in SEO, websites, social media, and other marketing tools for staffing agencies. A million dollars can go much further on automation and related services, then hiring 10 new recruiters.


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      2. How to Interview Engineers - Alison Daley from Recruiting Innovation

      ““If you don't know there's a discrete process, you start fumbling for a follow-up question and the next thing you know, you're asking how long have you Java’d, right? Java’s not a verb. So we teach recruiters to say nothing. If you ask nothing else, after their first response and to say, ‘Interesting, walk me through your research process. How did you know React JS was the right framework to use?’ You will feel the candidate shift in their chair because you’ve now established credibility as someone who understands their workflow.”

      Alison Daley, CEO at Recruiting Innovation talks about technical recruiting. Most recruiters hiring for engineering or developer positions aren't really tech people themselves. Alison came up with a framework to get tech recruiters ready, ask the right questions, and be able to make informed decisions on talent. Find out more about Recruiting Innovation’s online tech recruiter certification and their approach to hiring!


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      1. Greg Savage Explains How and Why Recruiters can Build their Personal Brand

      ““You think you don't [have anything to say], but actually you're in the market 365 days of the year. You're talking to candidates every day. You've got a view. You've got a narrative. You've got a point of view that's valuable.”

      Greg Savage, legendary talent acquisition blogger of the Savage Truth for the past 15 years, shares his opinions on recruiters building a personal brand and getting rid of imposter syndrome. He also goes into successful leadership, business transformation, and which businesses will come out of COVID stronger than before. According to Greg “disruption” is just small changes over time.


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