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Getting Evil with “The Evil HR Lady” - Forced Vacations, Termination Policies, and More

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers podcast, Suzanne Lucas, better known as “the evil HR lady” talks about lots of different things HR professionals are interested in, but don’t reall...
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Pia Riquelme
Pia Riquelme
Head of Marketing at Talkpush

Talkpush goes Mardi Gras mode at TA Tech Congress in New Orleans

The TA community gets together, learns together and grows together in this past Fall Congress in New Orleans

New to the world of talent acquisition, I got a deep dive into the industry on my second week at Talkpush, attending the TA Tech Congress in New Orleans. The Congress was attended exclusively by TA tech vendors, job boards, aggregators, AI startups, marketing specialists and bigger players like Facebook Jobs, LinkedIn and Zip Recruiter. When vendors and competitors get together with no potential customers in sight, people open up and the agenda focuses on collaboration and partnerships. Add a few mimosas, Bourbon Street, jazz music and “HR’S MOST DANGEROUS PODCAST” and you’ve got an elite, can’t-miss experience.

Here are some of the presentations I enjoyed the most:

  • State of Programmatic Ad Buying in Talent Acquisition. By Chris Forman, CEO Appcast. “Invest in your tech, get close to your customers, eat data and focus on the job seeker”.
  • The Future of Job Sites. By Lucas Martinez, CEO Neuvoo. “Can’t underestimate the value of content. Job boards & job aggregators are coming together as job sites”.
  • The State of AI & Machine Learning in TA. By Raghav Singh, Director Korn Ferry. “When it comes to AI for recruiting, facial recognition is growing for interviewing”.

I got to personally meet Chad and Joel from The Chad & Cheese podcast, who were the chief entertainers and judges for the Startup Deathmatch which Talkpush had been invited to. When the opportunity to pitch Talkpush to Chad and Cheese, we knew we had to jump on it!

Selfies with the Chad Sowash and Joel Cheeseman (and a little mezcal to bring everyone together)

The Startup Deathmatch was composed of a fine group of disruptors: Canvas, Allyo, Talkpush and Uncommon. Below is the recording of the pitch from Max:



And here is a picture of all the brave warriors before they walked in the ring:

Ready for the Deathmatch Pitch, from left to right: Allyo’s David Bernstein, Canvas’ Aman Brar, Talkpush Max Armbruster and Uncommon’s Teg Grenager


Talkpush didn’t take away the prize but I still had a very uplifting experience meeting all these talent acquisition entrepreneurs, with every vendor seeming very mission-driven, motivated by the positive impact that TA tech can have on society at large. Many of the hot trends discussed during the Congress, such as messaging recruitment, AI/automation and improved candidate experiences are all core to Talkpush’s value proposition, so I expect busy days ahead.

Max came to the Deathmatch with an intimidating presence


Thanks for reading!

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