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Stanley the recruitment chatbot is now available on WeChat

Talkpush is announcing the release of Stanley the recruitment chatbot on Wechat. Stanley on WeChat offers the same capabilities it has over Facebook Messenger: welcoming candidates, allowing them to choose the job position that is best suited for them and then asking them a series of job-specific interview questions. The candidate data and answers are then stored in the Talkpush application which recruiters can access to view, evaluate and process the candidate.


There are practically 2 billion active users between WeChat and Facebook and Stanley is the first recruitment chatbot available on both.


Stanley is the first recruitment chatbot which can collect answers in text, audio or video, allowing the recruiter to get a more complete picture on a candidate before deciding who to shortlist. Once candidates complete their interview on Stanley over WeChat, recruiters can continue to interact with them post-interview via the Talkpush interface and invite them for a face-to-face interview — all via WeChat.


Max Armbruster, Talkpush CEO commented “You can be sure that your next millennial hire is either active on WeChat or Facebook. Why not meet them where you can find them? Employers who are looking to attract top talent in China or in South East Asia have an opportunity to offer a more candidate-centric application process with Stanley over WeChat. It is never too soon to start building your talent community on this vast network which is already where most of the recruitment activity is happening.”


Keen to connect with the 850 million Monthly Active Users on WeChat, who log on more than 10 times per day ? Reach out to Talkpush here to find out how you can leverage this platform.


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