Remote Hiring Changes Everything

  Employers will need to adapt their recruitment strategy in order to attract remote and WFH talent, or they risk paying a heavy price down the road.   I work with some of the largest employ...
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Lukas Bierfreund
Lukas Bierfreund
Head of Solutions Engineering

Record Live Calls with Talkpush

Many of our users have stopped using their phone/Skype/WhatsApp and have started using the Talkpush Live Call feature, which allows them to call candidates straight from the CRM, at the click of a button. The ease of use translates into a productivity gain which allows recruiters to speak to more candidates in less time.

Today, we are excited to deliver yet another good reason for them to drop their phones: Now, on Live Call, Talkpush users can also record their call.

To see how it works, check out our video below:



This recording can be triggered anytime while you are on the phone with the candidate… It is then the responsibility of the employer/recruiter to inform the candidates that their call will be recorded for training or hiring purposes and get their consent.

Trace what user called what candidate and when.

The recorded part of the conversation is instantly saved to the respective candidate profile, which the whole recruitment team can then consult.


Two awesome ways this simple feature will change your life


1. Every (good) first phone interview you make can now be shared with the hiring manager

You just spoke to a great candidate and wish you could share your conversation with your colleague/hiring manager to review? → Now you can! Just send the recorded phone call along with the candidate profile with Talkpush Share Profile feature. (Old post: how to use the share feature).

You may even be able to shorten the recruitment process by eliminating the second interview altogether.


2. Training: you can show your newly hired recruiters how to get the job done

By recording some of the interviews, you can spot the recruiters who need training, and the ones who set a good example. The recording function is the ultimate tool for training purposes.


To this day, most recruiters spend the majority of their time on the phone. This is a massive investment in time and resources, which needs to be optimized and leveraged as much as possible. By recording your phone calls you can do just that. Reducing the length of the interview process will not only reduce your costs, but it will likely improve your hiring rate. You can now conceive a single, all-encompassing interview that you can pass on to other stakeholders for review and approval, without having to add any additional validation/interview rounds with different stakeholder. It doesn’t get much more optimized!

Employers are responsible to inform candidates the call is being recorded

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Remote Hiring Changes Everything

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