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The AI Mirage in Hiring: Are Vendors Innovative Solutions or Industry Snake Oil?

March 6, 2024
5 min read
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      Max Armbruster
      Max Armbruster
      CEO Talkpush

      Adapting your career site and recruitment marketing for early career professionals

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      Graham Thornton, the founder and CEO of ChangeState, joins Max Armbruster on the Recruitment Hackers podcast. They discuss how to adapt recruitment marketing and career websites to high volume recruitment, particularly for early career individuals. Graham emphasizes the importance of making the application process easy and straightforward for candidates in different roles. He suggests creating content pages that provide relevant information about the organization and allow for quick data capture to screen potential applicants effectively.

      Graham Thornton emphasizes the importance of creating content pages that are relevant to the target audience and drive traffic to increase conversions. He explains that advertising outlets prefer ads that lead to clear and relevant landing pages, rather than individual job listings in an ATS. Graham also discusses the flexibility of job feeds and suggests creative ways to showcase job opportunities on career sites. Max Armbruster expresses his newfound understanding of content pages as a more effective form of marketing compared to traditional career sites. They discuss the challenges faced by enterprise buyers who already have existing systems in place and how demonstrating improved conversions can justify investing in new solutions. The conversation concludes with Graham sharing his hiring mistake, highlighting the value of seeking diverse skill sets within a team.

      Graham Thornton discusses the importance of building a broad team and learning from hiring mistakes. He emphasizes the need to move quickly on candidates and the potential bottleneck caused by lengthy interview processes. Max Armbruster mentions that Talkpush has reduced time to fill positions through aggressive recruiting efforts. They also discuss the dominance of Google for job searches and the increasing importance of paid ads in search engine traffic. Graham mentions that TikTok is an area they need to explore further as many customers are interested in using it for advertising purposes.


      The Recruitment Hackers Podcast talks to leaders who have turned recruiting into a long-term competitive edge for their business. In those discussions, we explore ways to improve the candidate experience, we imagine the future of recruitment, and we discuss which digital strategies are performing well. This podcast is essential listening for talent acquisition professionals who want to win the war for talent through digitization, automation and tons of empathy for candidates.


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