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The Talent Acquisition Tech Rollercoaster: How Shrinking VC Pockets Will Shake Things Up

Strap in, enterprise customers! Here's what to expect from well-funded TA tech companies as the VC funding party ends, and how you can make wiser choices. The TA Tech party is over   Once up...
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November 2016: Anticipate the changes in your talent pool

As you prepare your 2017 budgets, remind yourself of how fast the world changes: 10 years ago MySpace had double the traffic of LinkedIn. 3 years ago no one had heard of SnapChat. 15 months ago Donald J. Trump announced he was running for the presidency (to amused onlookers)… What I’m trying to illustrate is that change happens fast. To survive, recruiters need to anticipate the rapid changes in their talent pool.


Do you have a strategy to reach out to candidates via messaging apps? Have you adapted your career site to accommodate for shorter attention spans?

In this newsletter, I explain how Facebook could take over the social hiring space in just 2 years. I also announce an essential new software feature in Talkpush: the Unified Inbox, a single inbox to receive all your candidates SMS, email and Facebook messages.


We hope to accompany you through these changes, and many more to come.
Happy hiring!



Facebook to overtake LinkedIn as the leading hiring platform by 2018?
Facebook is making big moves into the enterprise space, with Workspace and the launch of a new job posting board option. I believe the social recruitment market is too big and too lucrative an opportunity for Facebook to pass and that it can start to compete with LinkedIn for the top spot as early as 2018. Read on.



Unified Inbox & 2-Way SMS
We introduce you to the Unified Inbox — one inbox where you can consult all incoming messages, whether they come from Facebook Messenger or SMS (more integrations to come in the future). This allows your recruiters to always write to candidates on behalf of the company instead of relying on their personal mobile phones or Facebook account. Read on.



Support Stanley on Product Hunt
As you know, we’ve recently released a new version of Stanley, our recruitment chatbot, which is now able to conduct full interviews on Facebook Messenger (see the announcement here). Stanley is capturing the imagination of many recruiters and was featured this week on Product Hunt. Please support us on the Product Hunt page.



Stanley is now smarter & multilingual
Our recruitment chatbot Stanley is now able to capture inquiries from past candidates or from employees and direct them to the right department in your team. Stanley has also learned to speak in English and in French. Mais oui, en Francais! Our little robot is learning so fast and we’re so very proud of him!



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