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The Talent Acquisition Tech Rollercoaster: How Shrinking VC Pockets Will Shake Things Up

Strap in, enterprise customers! Here's what to expect from well-funded TA tech companies as the VC funding party ends, and how you can make wiser choices. The TA Tech party is over   Once up...
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Max Armbruster
Max Armbruster
CEO Talkpush

New Manila offices for our Global Operations Center!

A global mindset, and a startup attitude

We have grown to love the Philippines for its can-do attitude. Our local team has a strong team spirit which was forged from building products and experienced from scratch, improving the candidate journey for hundreds of thousands of candidates day by day. The whole Philippines economy is definitely turned towards global markets — with the high-growth BPO industry at its forefront. This global mindset is perfect for our Global Operations Center, which has already services clients in 4 continents, 5 languages, and 12 different countries from the Philippines!


A perfect place to grow
The Philippines produces over half a million university graduates every year, including over 100,000 graduates in IT and engineering… An incredible talent pool which we intend to dip into for years to come!


Check out our new home!
Two years after opening our first representative office in the Philippines, our Client Services and Engineering teams have been growing steadily. it was high time that we moved to a bigger office.

Wanna join the party?
Talkpush is (always) hiring. We are looking for independent-minded, science-fiction-loving, humble, hard working people to join our team. Learn about our philosophy here and about our current job openings here, or simply by writing to our recruitment chatbot on Facebook.


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