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Getting Evil with “The Evil HR Lady” - Forced Vacations, Termination Policies, and More

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers podcast, Suzanne Lucas, better known as “the evil HR lady” talks about lots of different things HR professionals are interested in, but don’t reall...
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January 2017: Adapting is innovating

So you want to be on the cutting edge of recruitment innovation? Pretty simple actually. You don’t need to be reading Harvard Case Studies nor to attend HR Tech conferences all day. All you need is to do is to adapt your existing processes to the new behaviors in your talent pool.

Take the selfie for example, a behavior which started back in 2010 when the iPhone 4 was released with the front-facing camera. While the selfie is now part of popular culture, no interview software allowed candidates to submit their photo or their video via messaging. Until now! Indeed, we have just released the first video interviewing solution over messaging. Already, candidates are responding enthusiastically, with half of them sending in these “video selfies” with their job applications.

Read on below for details. You can also browse my new Guide to recruiting on Facebook and other company and industry news.



Video interviewing made friendly
For years my biggest criticism on one-way video interviews was that they felt like an imposition on candidates. It didn’t feel “natural” for candidates to download an app or to stand in front of their desktop as a first point of contact. We believe we have finally cracked the case with candidates now able to submit their videos via Facebook Messenger. Read here.


Guide to Hiring on Facebook
We have spent the last 2 years getting better at social media hiring. We felt it was time to share all that we’ve learned with you! Building your Facebook talent pool is part art, part science (but mostly science) and I wrote a Comprehensive Guide with the 5 important steps you need to take to make Facebook your best performing recruitment channel. Read on here.


Afni welcomes Stanley the bot
Seeing a steady increase of their hiring volume from their Facebook channel, Afni’s recruitment team was looking for an effective way to manage the flow of incoming candidate inquiries. Enter Stanley the chatbot! Read on here.



New website for Talkpush
New interface, new products, new geographies… It made sense for us to launch a new website, reflecting our evolution from a web-based IVR software provider back in 2015 to a full service social media recruitment partner today. Check it out here.


  • Did you miss the launch of Talkpush 2.0 in December? Not to worry, the 30-minute session was recorded and you can view it on YouTube.
  • Voice technology is taking over computing, and soon will spell the death of keyboards. Read here.
  • How artificial intelligence can eliminate bias in hiring. Read here.
  • Talkpush and Twilio have been partners for 2 years, which has been critical to facilitate our growth. Read about it here.
  • Why you need to move away from email (and to messaging) when connecting with millennials. The research is here.

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