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I couldn’t work on 2 dreams

I joined Talkpush as an intern 18 months ago in April 2016 and it was one of the proudest moment in life. I was very grateful that someone gave me a chance to stand out.


After my first internship, I joined the company for a second internship, the final one, in March 2017. I worked a lot to help the company and build the CEO’s vision, his dream.

why am I leaving a company that is doubling in size every 6 months?

Most people will think that my decision to leave the company that helped me to grow is foolish. Well, on paper it makes no sense, I agree.

Truth to be told, as far as I can remember, I’ve always wanted a job right after graduation. It is a bit of a Holy Grail… I was in High School when the last bubble burst in 2007 and I still think it affected me more than I would have liked to admit. But after 5 years at Sciences Po Strasbourg and 2 internships at Talkpush, the fear is gone. I feel unstoppable, ready to tackle every challenge that life will put in front of me.

Time will tell if it’s a smart decision, but I already know it’s the most honest one!

I was told that landing a job upon graduation is the most difficult step professionally because you must adapt to a new lifestyle without the skills and experience that companies are looking for. By common standards my decision is therefore quite foolish… Walking away from a situation the majority of my fellow classmates would envy.

While it may be a foolish move, it is the honest one.


I can’t focus on two dreams


I am a passionate guy. When I do something, I dedicate all my thoughts, brain energy and time to it. Failing this, I am quite miserable. I started to dream brainsfeed right after my year abroad in Hong-Kong for an exchange program and I have fed this dream for about 2 years. A year ago, it became our dream because incredible people have joined the project.

About two months ago, I told the CEO, Max Armbruster my wish to dedicate all my time to my company, brainsfeed. As an entrepreneur, he understood my stand and wished me good luck.

In a startup, there is no room for people who pretend to be working 100%

I’m pretty bad at pretending. I have to be honest. And honestly, I wish I could have worked on one dream at night and on another one when the sun is up. It would have been a terrific story but this is just not physically possible. There is a big difference between story-telling and reality. Science tells us that we need to sleep to wash away toxins from our brain. If you don’t, your brain is mechanically going to be less efficient.

How to become an entrepreneur?

The learning curve is also something that I care about. I want to fail as quick as possible because I know I will learn a lot from my mistakes. Failure is not an option. This statement is even more true when you have nothing to lose and in your mid-twenties.

I joined Talkpush because I wanted to see what’s inside a startup. If you want to build a startup, it’s great exposure to go work for one. Leaving before too long also means I get to maintain my personal management style relatively unchanged. My startup is a personal adventure. I want my work habits (both good and bad) to be mine, not copied from someone else. What works for Max at Talkpush, won’t necessarily work for me. I know that at some point, if I stay to close to the sun I will either get burnt or try to shine the same way it does. It’s time for me to find my own way.

Thank you, Max. Now I am ready to take off.

All in!

For the first time in my life, I can stop to be a multitasker and I can dedicate myself, my time, my resource, my whole brain, everything I’ve got to the success of one company, my company, our dream, brainsfeed.

If this is not enough to succeed, then at least I would have given it my best, putting everything on the line without a plan B. Today, the only plan is plan BF, standing for BrainsFeed. One vision, one motivation, one direction, one dream. If we fail, I won’t be able to blame anyone. I won’t live with regret either. I won’t loose any sleep thinking about “what if”. All the planets are aligned and I have only one thing to focus on: making this dream comes true. I am a very lucky guy.

Let’s begin.

Aurélien Vasinis, full-time CEO @ brainsfeed | DAY 1 (07/09/2017)

I wish all the best to Talkpush, to Max and to all my former colleagues.

I am glad I have been part of this outstanding adventure .



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