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Talkpush celebrates our team’s entrepreneurial spirit and their success outside of their main job. I consider myself a pretty hard worker. I usually start my day really early and keep going ...
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Pia Riquelme
Pia Riquelme
Head of Marketing at Talkpush

How BAC Credomatic is connecting with a broader talent pool using Talkpush

A recruitment case study

Banco de America Central (aka BAC), is one of the leading banks in Central America. Founded in the 1950’s, BAC offers its financial services in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica (current head quarters), Panama and Mexico.

With over 20,000 employees across Latin America and rapid expansion plans, BAC was looking to revamp their recruitment process with a digital platform, notably to help it engage with a broader talent pool for its customer service, sales and retail operations and opted to partner with Talkpush. Their main objective being to make recruiters life’s easier, candidates’ experiences better and save time and money in the process.

Before adding automation to their recruitment funnel, BAC’s TA team would publish job posts separately through their career site and several other job boards. Candidates would then apply by either uploading their resumes to either of those platforms, or delivering it personally onsite.


With Talkpush, BAC moved their whole process online. The talent acquisition team adopted Social Media as their main sourcing channel in order to reach a broader and more diversified audience. Thanks to the powerful integration of the Talkpush CRM with Facebook, BAC can reach a large talent pool, reduce their advertising spend on job boards and achieve much better results in terms of candidate experience and marketing cost-per-hire. The entire application process is mobile optimized, letting candidates apply via their smartphone and converse with their brand via Messenger or SMS.

Engaging in a conversation with candidates as soon as they apply, a custom-designed chatbot is able to build the talent pool 24/7, delivering only the pre-qualified candidates to recruiters. For a company that receives hundreds if not thousands of applications on average every weekend, this was a must.

BAC has taken advantage of social media and messaging apps capabilities by collecting rich media answers (including video, images, audio, documents) from candidates and integrating those answers in the pre-screening processes. This content has proved invaluable in identifying high-potential candidates for roles in sales notably.

Talkpush is the new way employers and candidates connect all over the world. We believe hiring is about starting conversations; and are on a mission to level up the recruitment experience. Want to know more? Schedule a demo 👉👉👉 here.

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