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Lukas Bierfreund
Lukas Bierfreund
Head of Solutions Engineering

Automatic Lead Assignment

Create ownership in your recruitment team by assigning candidates to individual recruiters as soon as they apply

At Talkpush, we are constantly working to make recruitment faster. Faster means a better candidate experience. Faster is also is strongly correlated with a higher quality talent pool (the good candidates tend to go first). In order to support our need for speed, we have created a new lead assignment feature, which allows our users to automatically assign incoming leads (i.e. candidates) to one of the recruiters as soon as they come in.

Drag and drop users to the right side column for them to receive incoming leads


Thanks to this new feature, incoming leads can be manually or automatically assigned to your individual team members. All you need to do: go to a campaign, click on permissions settings, and create a list of “auto-assigned” recipients. The recipients will be assigned the incoming leads in an even / round-robin method. For example, if you have 3 dedicated recruiters, each one will receive one third of the total incoming leads.

If a recruiter needs to handover a lead to another recruiter, for any number of reason (e.g. the recruiter may be off for the day), he can also do that manually, with just a click. (Note: The option to manually assign multiple leads at once is there as well).

For your recruitment team, this means that each recruiter knows exactly which candidates they are in charge of, which creates a culture of ownership which will help you drive the key metrics for your recruitment operation:

  • Average response time to candidate
  • Average time to hire
  • % hire rate

Every recruiter in your team can now come at work with a clear view on the workload for the day. The manual assign feature lets them handover to from one another if and when necessary, to ensure there is no downtime if a recruiter is unavailable that day.

Recruiters can view all the leads assigned to him from all the campaigns in “My leads”
Every candidate has a recruiter assigned to him, creating a culture of ownership


We hope this new tool will help you improve the quality of the experience for candidates and to avoid confusion between team members on who is in charge of which candidate. Converting Leads into potential hires requires speed. We welcome your ideas on how to make the process even faster. If you have any question about this new feature, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your Customer Success Manager or if you’d like to learn about how Talkpush could support your recruitment efforts, send us a mail at

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