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The Talent Acquisition Tech Rollercoaster: How Shrinking VC Pockets Will Shake Things Up

Strap in, enterprise customers! Here's what to expect from well-funded TA tech companies as the VC funding party ends, and how you can make wiser choices. The TA Tech party is over   Once up...
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August 2016: New Analytics Dashboard

With recruitment teams increasingly being asked to work like marketers, data has never been more central to talent acquisition. We’re therefore very excited to release a new analytics dashboard in Talkpush, bringing new insights to our clients about which channels work, how candidates are behaving and how fast recruitment teams are processing them.

Another exciting development: the release of our Facebook Chatbot. I’ll tell you more about it next month, but in the meantime, feel free to start a chat with this Facebook page to experience what it is like for a candidate to be processed in real-time.

Read on below, sign up for my analytics webinar and together let’s rethink how data can help you manage your recruitment resources more effectively.




New Analytics Dashboard

Measure. Track. Report. With the new analytics dashboard, you can now visualize all the important metrics from your recruitment campaigns, including your channel volumes, completion rates, the activity levels of your recruiters and candidates, including their peak activity by day and by time. You can read the full feature specs here, you can watch a video here and join me for a webinar next Tuesday here. Want more data? Email me directly with your data wish list and we’ll see what we can do.




Partnership with RPOs

If your Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) partner is ramping up its sourcing, you might want to direct them to our partnership page, so they can learn how to leverage Talkpush technology to source better and faster. This is a win-win for employers and their vendors: If your RPO partner uses Talkpush, you won’t be wasting your time interviewing candidates who don’t sound as good in person as they look on paper.



Genpact lets the talent talk

Check out how Genpact invites candidates to apply via SMS in this Instagram ad. This mode of candidate capture is ideal for Instagram or Snapchat because those networks do not allow to post URL links to a sign-up form or a career page.



5 ways to capture leads via Facebook

Employers are moving their advertising dollars out of job boards and into social media. But before you start spending, you need to know how you will collect the incoming leads. This is topic of our recent blog post, listing 5 smart methods for capturing leads on Facebook. Hope you find some inspiration there…

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