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The Winning Formula Generating High - Quality Leads at Minimal Cost with FB Lead Ads and Messenger in the Philippines

May 14, 2024
5 min read
Facebook Lead Ads have become the norm in lead generation for the Philippines, praised for their cost-effectiveness and ease of use. Candidates can instantly share their pre-populated detail...
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      5 min read
      Lukas Bierfreund
      Lukas Bierfreund
      Head of Solutions Engineering

      A great way to re-engage past candidates

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      In the digital recruitment space, anybody who has tried to optimize the output of their career site knows the % of visitors who end up applying is usually quite low. The ability to convert traffic into applications is usually proportionately inverse to the complexity and length of the application process. In most sites, that percentage is disappointingly low, often in the single digits.


      Facebook traffic is no different… Passive candidates often visit Facebook pages, start a conversation, maybe even express an interest for working at a company and then mysteriously drop out.

      A chatbot on your Facebook page is an effective way to reconnect with old contacts … For example, with Stanley the chatbot on your page, you can send mass messages to every past applicants or to targeted to subgroups within (e.g. every past applicant who lives within a city). But what if the potential candidate stopped short of actually applying for a job? This is often the majority of the traffic on Facebook… Visitors who come in and out, leaving nothing more than a name and a “hello” for a digital footprint. This means they have not opted in to receive future updates from your chatbots, which means you would have to manually write to them one by one via the Facebook interface.


      Until now!


      Thankfully, Facebook has released a new type of “Sponsored Message” which allows you to send a group message to everyone of your Facebook Page’s contacts. You can cost-effectively run those sponsored messages once a year or once a quarter to remind your talent pool that they have some unfinished business with you.

      See how below…

      Sponsored Ads Creation Steps

      1. Create a campaign > Choose Messages as objective. Click Continue.
      Create campaign in Facebook Ads Manager

      2. On the adset, choose Sponsored Messages and choose the Facebook page.

      Choose Sponsored Message as the type

      3. You can leave the audience targeting to its default setting where it should target people with existing conversations within messenger (e.g. those who completed an interview, those who did not complete an interview, people in the NO CAMPAIGN INVITATION folder, etc).

      Audience should be default

      4. Under placements, everything should be deactivated except for Messenger > Sponsored Messages.

      Keep Sponsored Messages and restrict others

      5. Choose your budget accordingly.

      Sponsored Message can be of low budget daily

      6. You can leave the delivery type and optimization to its default values.

      7. On the ad level, set up how you wish your message to be seen on MESSENGER.

      Personalize it!

      8. Based on above configuration, this is how it will look like. a. On the Messenger Inbox: b. When the user opens the conversation, this is what he/she sees:

      A messenger pop up

      9. Configure the button + payload. E.g. the payload choose_position(3944) lists 3944 as the campaign in Talkpush where candidates will be added when they complete the interview. It’s important to create a separate campaign on Talkpush that contains all these conversations so that you can compute the CPL later on and check if your sponsored messages ad is effective.

      Make sure you create a campaign in Talkpush to generate payload

      10. TEST your ad by clicking Preview in Messenger. Then go to your FB Messenger app on your mobile phone to see how it looks like.

      Upper right click on the box with arrow up to give you the preview

      11. In this particular campaign, we used 1 QUESTION on Talkpush — Please type complete legal name — so that the flow is quick, you can add a few more as needed. Once someone clicks I’M READY it should look like this:

      Candidate talks to the bot

      12. Finally the candidate is added to campaign 3944.

      Candidate is now in the campaign