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Phone Screening vs Automated Screening: Which One is Right for You?

An automated screening process can help employers handle 100x the application volume and hire faster without increasing the recruitment team's headcount!   We understand the desire to speed ...
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Talkpush partners with DaXtra to enhance resume parsing

Talkpush, the recruitment automation software provider, signed an OEM agreement with resume parsing specialist Daxtra, allowing it to extract more information from incoming candidate resumes. Daxtra is able to extract the key data from a wide variety of resumes, including from the resume templates of dozens of online job boards across the world. Automating this data extraction will allow recruiters using Talkpush to spend less time on data entry, and spend more time listening to candidates and determining who is a right fit for the role.


Talkpush is bringing automation to a space that was largely thought to be untouchable: interviews. Companies spend considerable time and resources on the initial steps of the recruitment process scheduling interviews, interviewing unqualified candidates, and repeating the same interview questions over and over again. With Talkpush, recruiters have a tool which captures the audio responses of job candidates to job-specific questions over the phone. Recruiters can then listen to the responses which are stored online and make a better decision on who is best qualified. This allows companies to spend less resources on the initial stage of the recruitment process, and more time with the candidates that really matter to them.


“Daxtra demonstrated to us their superior technology in reading and understanding resumes. This allows our development team to focus on what we do best: capture the voice of the candidates. Daxtra has spent over a decade in learning how to read resumes from candidates around the world, so we’re confident this integration will support our global expansion plans,” Max Armbruster, Talkpush CEO said.


For his part, Sergei Makhmodov, founding director at DaXtra Technologies, commented, “We’re excited to work with Talkpush, which offers a disruptive solution to the industry, and attempts to automate the recruitment process one step beyond the initial resume screening. The resumes are a very rich source of information and combined with data extracted from open-ended interview questions should give employers a very complete picture, allowing them to make better, fairer recruitment decisions.”


About Daxtra With offices in UK, US and Asia, Daxtra Technologies are world-leading specialists in high-accuracy, multilingual resume parsing, multi-source semantic resume search, matching and text analytics. Hundreds of organisations use DaXtra products globally — from boutique recruitment firms to the World’s largest staffing companies, corporate recruitment departments, job boards and software vendors. Daxtra products seamlessly integrate with existing CRM/ATS systems and allow finding relevant information quickly, intuitively and from multiple in-house and online channels.


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