Remote Hiring Changes Everything

  Employers will need to adapt their recruitment strategy in order to attract remote and WFH talent, or they risk paying a heavy price down the road.   I work with some of the largest employ...
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Lukas Bierfreund
Lukas Bierfreund
Head of Solutions Engineering

Talkpush Chrome Extension: get your chatbot to talk to any candidate

Users of the Talkpush Chrome Plugin can start a conversation from their Chrome browser when finding candidates on job boards, Linkedin, Facebook group, etc.


Do you spend hours searching for applicants online, via LinkedIn, Facebook Groups, or job boards such as Indeed or Monster? If so, you will love the Talkpush Chrome Extension from which you can add candidates to Talkpush campaign in a fraction of the time.

You can download the Chrome Extension here.


Check out the video below

In recruitment, processing incoming applicants is only half the equation. The real work happens when recruiters are actively searching candidates in online databases and social networks, including LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, Jobstreet, Facebook groups, etc. Reaching out to passive candidates in the hope of stirring their interest has always been a very time-consuming activity, but since it generally yields high results, the pros are harder at it than ever.


How the Talkpush Chrome extension will change your world?


· Capture data from job boards faster: no more excel sheets, no more Alt + Tab, no more switching screens, simply type in the data from the candidate profile directly into the extension

· Better contact rate with SMS/Text: while traditional sourcing relies heavily on email, which has a lower read and response rate, you can now make sure the candidate reads your invitation by sending them an SMS

· Automatic data parsing on LinkedIn: step 1: open a LinkedIn profile, and all the key data from the candidate is already captured… No more manual data entry!

· Personalize messages: You can choose the standard invites/templates or create personalized messages to increase your hit rate. Sourcing is a creative task, so we wanted to give you all the freedom you need to build meaningful connections.


How to start using it?

1. New to Talkpush? The Talkpush Chrome Extension is currently only available to users of the Talkpush CRM. You can sign up for a demo of the CRM here.

2. Talkpush plans on releasing a standalone version of the Chrome extension in the coming weeks. To receive the beta version of this software, please send your name and phone number to

Free for now… but not forever

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