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How Webhelp Recruiters Got 1 Hour Back for Every Processed Candidate

Webhelp Moroccco partnered with Talkpush and WhatsApp to accelerate its hiring and deliver real-time feedback to applicants.   Webhelp, the global BPO with presence in 49 countries, has rapi...
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How the No-Code Revolution Coincided with the Rise of Introverted Recruiters

Recruiting, a career path that used to favor people with winning smiles, salesmanship and lots of hu..
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Webinar: RPA for Recruiting - the Time is Now!

AutoFlow is the first Robotic Process Automation feature designed specifically for recruiters. Max A..
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How to Recession Proof your TA Operations

  Higher candidate volumes and less open positions require budget cuts, a shift in candidate managem..
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The Blurry yet Competitive Line Between RPOs and RPA

Will Robotic Process Automation (RPA) push RPOs out of business? Too early to say, but it is already..
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6 Baby Steps Towards Full Automation

The future of recruitment lies in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), but business processes can’t cha..
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