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Getting Evil with “The Evil HR Lady” - Forced Vacations, Termination Policies, and More

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers podcast, Suzanne Lucas, better known as “the evil HR lady” talks about lots of different things HR professionals are interested in, but don’t reall...
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5 (New) Ways to Use Video in your Recruiting Process

With Talkpush, you can plug in your favorite video call platform right into your automated workflow ..
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Introducing Autoflow: RPA (Robotic Process Automation) Designed for Recruiters 

Talkpush is launching a new feature which places automation in the hands of recruiters, empowering t..
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Cut Down Advertising Costs with Talkpush’s New Career Site Services

Beautifully designed career websites built for speed and responsiveness. Talkpush has launched a new..
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Recruiters can Now Take Candidate Calls Inside the CRM

  Talkpush is offering its new Dialer feature to support work from anywhere and faster response time..
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Recruiters can Help Flatten the Curve with Remote Practices

Our priority at Talkpush is everyone’s safety. As the world comes together to stop the spread of COV..
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