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Getting Evil with “The Evil HR Lady” - Forced Vacations, Termination Policies, and More

In this episode of the Recruitment Hackers podcast, Suzanne Lucas, better known as “the evil HR lady” talks about lots of different things HR professionals are interested in, but don’t reall...
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Recruitment Hackers: Imagining the Ideal Candidate Journey in 2021

Talkpush hosted its biggest online event this year with over 200 talnt acquisition professionals in ..
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Webinar: RPA for Recruiting - the Time is Now!

AutoFlow is the first Robotic Process Automation feature designed specifically for recruiters. Max A..
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Webinar: Writing for Recruiters

The best way to connect online is through written content, it's no different for recruiters.   Did y..
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Recruitment Hackers: Technology the True Enabler of a Great Candidate Experience

      After a warm welcome from Aris Ocampo, Sr. Customer Success Manager at Talkpush:   Anj Vera CE..
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Talkpush Recognizes Partners who Excel in their Recruitment Operations

We hosted our first ever Client Appreciation Night, awarding those teams who have excelled in a vari..
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Recruitment Hackers: Candidates with Bots, Recruiters as Automation Strategists

Everything you need to know about our last Recruitment Hackers event that took place on Nov. 12, in ..
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