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Recruiting on TikTok: Does it work?

We tried TikTok ads so you don't have to–  and have the results to show if recruiting on TikTok actually works! (Getty images)   That TikTok has a massive global reach is no longer news. The...
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Angelica Abanilla
Angelica Abanilla
Marketing Specialist at Talkpush

Recruitment Hackers hosts the first-ever Global BPO TA Awards

The global community of talent acquisition professionals got together on December 9 to spark conversations about recruitment innovation.

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The first-ever Global BPO TA Awards were hosted this December to celebrate outstanding talent acquisition practices in the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) industry from all over the world.

The BPO industry helps millions of professionals get career advancement, including many first-time employment opportunities. Competing with global consumer brands to attract the best talent, the BPO industry continuously innovates to stay ahead of the competition and to provide better candidates at a larger scale.

This inaugural award ceremony was organized by Recruitment Hackers and co-sponsored by Talkpush, Vervoe, Emmersion, and BPESA. It attracted over 100 submissions from companies across 15 different countries, including Australia, Philippines, Morocco, South Africa, US, Pakistan, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, and many more!

Below are the 20 BPO companies who reached the finalist stage at one of the 8 award competitions and were recognized by a panel of impartial experienced judges for their contribution to improving the field of BPO recruitment in 2021.

Mail - finalists (1)-1Meet the judges. The five industry veterans join our exclusive panel of judges to vote on the winner for each award.

The Awards were hosted on December 9 and the long-awaited winners were announced. Below are the winners and their acceptance speeches. 

Candidate Experience Champion

This award goes to the company that goes above and beyond to keep their candidates happy. Their candidates, even the ones that get rejected, only have good things to say about their experience.


Finalists: Concentrix, Satellite Office, Inspiro, TaskUs, Sitel Group, TOA Global

Winner: Sitel Group



Best Inclusion Initiative

This award goes to the company that went out of its way to include often-overlooked segments of the population. They leveraged technology to increase accessibility for a successful inclusion hiring initiative.


Finalists: Probe Group, Sitel Group, Surgo, TaskUs

Winner: Surgo



Best Localization Champion

This award goes to the company that doesn’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach but instead, adapted their recruitment approach to accommodate the cultural differences in each of their geographies.


Finalists: Alorica, Ibex, iContact BPO, TaskUs, World Connection

Winner: TaskUs



Most Inspiring TA Leader (The People’s Choice Award)

This unique award goes to the talent acquisition leader who is voted by the people based on their ability to lead by example, and inspire others to follow in their footsteps to make recruitment better. 



Beatriz Viveros, Recruiting Manager at TaskUs

Camille Madriñal, Associate Director of Recruitment at Nezda 

Lon Hernandez, Talent Acquisition Manager at TOA Global

Ma. Anna Rosario Pinaroc, Talent Acquisition Director at Afni, Inc. Philippines Inc.

Rina Castillo Parrales, Talent Acquisition Coordinator at Webhelp OneLink

Winner: Syed Fahad Subzwari, Head of Shared Services at ibex. Pakistan


Best Virtual Hiring Process

This award goes to the company whose recruitment process underwent a digital upgrade, making it quick and efficient for candidates to go through the entire process without leaving the safety of their homes.


Finalists: Alorica, Concentrix, OneLink by Webhelp, Probe Group, Transcom Inc.

Winner: Probe Group



Best Recruitment Advertising Campaign

This award goes to the company with the most creative and inspired use of recruitment marketing. They are able to raise brand awareness among their target demographic, and effectively convert those into leads later on.


Finalists: Afni Inc., Alorica, Quantrics Enterprises, Reed Elsevier Philippines, TaskUs

Winners: Reed Elsevier Philippines



Best Virtual Career Fair

This award goes to the company that did an excellent job organizing its career fair. The event was smooth-sailing and had lots of attendees that turned in their applications. Moreover, they gained new hires from the event.


Finalists: Concentrix, Manulife Business Processing Services, Quantrics Enterprises

Winner: Manulife Business Processing Services



Best Use of Intelligent Interfaces

This award goes to the company having the most well-rounded use of Artificial Intelligence to delight candidates. The interface must effectively address candidate concerns and guide them through the application process.


Finalists: PSG Global Solutions, Quantrics Enterprises, Shearwater Health Advisors Inc., TaskUs

Winner: TaskUs



Want to know how TaskUs bagged this award?Let's Talk!


Congratulations again to all of the winners of the Global BPO TA Awards 2021. May we continue to inspire others to innovate and break with the traditional barriers in the recruitment process.

The first-ever Global BPO TA Awards was an overall success! With a special shoutout to our panel of judges, our fantastic sponsors, and to the thousands who participated from beginning to end - from sending in their entries to joining in the voting process. We'll see you at the next Global BPO TA Awards! Until then, we can’t wait to see you conquer 2022.



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