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Background Checks Don't Have to be Awkward - Bob Mather from Pre-Employ

Bob Mather, CEO at goes into the ins and outs of the background screening industry, from the awkwardness, to parsing social media profiles, and a new shift that will let backg...
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Max Armbruster
Max Armbruster
CEO Talkpush

PruBSN welcomes Stanley the chatbot

Since last year, Prudential BSN Takaful Berhad, Malaysia’s leading takaful operator, has been working with Talkpush to accelerate its social media hiring, and to attract a tech-savvy professionals. Check out the newly released Prudential BSN’s Career Facebook page here.

Using this page, Prudential BSN will communicate its unique company culture to a new generation of consultants who are attracted to the values of entrepreneurship, family and technological leadership.

To handle the thousands of incoming inquiries about the company, the career opportunities, the qualifications required, Prudential BSN opted to install a recruitment chatbot to greet and pre-qualify the incoming talent


Enter Stanley!
By adding Stanley the chatbot to the recruitment effort, PruBSN is able to respond to the thousands of inquiries faster, and to keep its talent pool engaged by offering them quick responses on the nature of the role for a Takaful Consultant.


What does Stanley do for Prudential BSN?


Welcome candidates
Responsiveness is one of the key metrics that Facebook tracks on every business page. Taking a few days or even just a few hours to respond can be enough to alienate visitors in this day and age. With Stanley, every visitor to the page gets greeted and the suitable candidates get fast-tracked.


Hires people, not resumes!
Stanley allows Prudential BSN to learn more about candidate’s personalities, communication skills and general empathy by asking each of them a series of questions via audio interview. Letting the candidates talk gives them a chance to start building a more human connection with their future team leaders.


Organize the talent pool
Malaysia is a vast and diverse country. Geographical and language barriers are an essential element to organizing Prudential BSN’s talent pool. This is why Stanley will check language skills and location before connecting a qualified candidate to the most suitable hiring manager.


Keeps the conversation going
Once an interview is completed with Stanley, the Facebook Messenger communication channel is open, which means Prudential BSN’s recruitment team can use Talkpush system to write back and forth to the candidate to qualify them, validate their suitability further, and invite them for a face to face interview. By using Facebook Messenger, Prudential BSN knows it is building connections with its talent pool that can last a lifetime.

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