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How Webhelp Recruiters Got 1 Hour Back for Every Processed Candidate

Webhelp Moroccco partnered with Talkpush and WhatsApp to accelerate its hiring and deliver real-time feedback to applicants.   Webhelp, the global BPO with presence in 49 countries, has rapi...
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March 2015 : Company Update

Old habits die hard. Resume screening is imperfect, but it has been there forever and it has the advantage of being fast and cheap (at least in appearance). But isn’t there a better way? Read on to learn how Talkpush’s new features have improved the user experience, for both candidates and employers. As recruiters can now search for keywords on interview transcripts, it makes me wonder: are we witnessing the death of the resume? Other market players seem to think so.



A better candidate experience


Talkpush users can now design invitation emails in HTML, allowing for more engaging content and improving first impression on candidates. Employers can now also send “Thank you” emails and SMS messages once interviews have been completed. The job search process can be confusing for young job seekers, so we encourage all of our users to give candidates as much feedback as possible throughout the recruitment process.



Searching keywords in interview transcripts

Talkpush just released a new feature allowing employers to download the full dataset of their recruitment campaign. This tool will help them track and improve critical ratios in their recruitment campaigns (e.g. time
to hire, conversion ratios, etc.). It also opens the door to a new type of keyword search. Previously, recruiters were confined to searching for keywords on resumes. Now, they can conduct those searches directly on interview transcripts! Indeed, Talkpush automatically generates text transcripts of every audio interview completed. Users can simply export the excel sheet and search the text transcripts directly.


The end of the resume?


We always advocate that employers screen people, not resumes, we are glad to see that we are not the only ones. 1-Page has been leading this rallying cry for a while now. A new startup from China was in the press last week on a similar “the resume is dead” story. Obviously, LinkedIn needs no press coverage at all. While we believe resumes are still a very useful tool for recruiters, we are convinced that great potential hires are being ignored every day because they don’t look the part on paper. We should all ask ourselves: is my company missing out on great talent because of resume screening?



Did You Know?

Did you know that Talkpush has recorded over 200 great interview questions that employers can use to screen their candidates? This treasure trove can be located on the Audio Hub.



Spread the word

Do you know companies handling large recruitment volumes? Connect me via email so I can show them how Talkpush can help them recruit faster and better.


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How Webhelp Recruiters Got 1 Hour Back for Every Processed Candidate

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