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Talkpush celebrates our team’s entrepreneurial spirit and their success outside of their main job. I consider myself a pretty hard worker. I usually start my day really early and keep going ...
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Februray 2015 : Company Update

We kicked off 2015 with a bang with some exciting new developments over the past month, welcoming strategic investors in our company, and releasing a new version of our popular “Share” feature. Read on for more details below. Wishing you all a happy year of the Goat!

Gong Xi Fa Cai! Gung Hay Fat Choy!




As we enter the Year of the Goat, let’s try to learn from the goat’s gentle nature, particularly as we deal with candidates. As employers, it’s easy
to forget how confusing and competitive it can be for job seekers, particularly for young graduates. This year, Talkpush will make extra effort to help employers be gentle with candidates, by offering them tools to inform candidates at all times on where they are in the recruitment process.


Talkpush raises a round from strategic investors

We decided it would be good to have some cash in the bank to accelerate our product and technology development so I went to speak to a few strategic investors. In just a few weeks, Talkpush was able to attract a stellar team of investors which includes the founder of PeopleBank (Asia Pacific’s largest IT&T recruitment company), as well as some of the early backers of Lazada and One-Page. Talkpush must be doing something right!


Sharing is caring!

Today we’ve released a new version of the “Share Feature”, for recruiters to share the audio profile of candidates with decision makers. Instead of emailing straight from their Talkpush account, recruiters can now create a customized link for each candidate, and copy/paste it on their emails or their CRM for a better controlled experience. This is quickly becoming a “killer feature” for Talkpush as recruiters are noticing that hiring managers make much faster decisions when they can listen to candidates anytime, 24/7.


An industry taking notice

I’m a big fan of Tim Sackett’s blog on recruitment, so it was great to see him post a feature on Talkpush . The tech media is also taking notice of Talkpush as illustrated by the recent coverage from American Genius and e27.

Did You Know?

Do you know all the “tricks” on how to increase the response rate from your candidates, when conducting a Talkpush recruitment campaign? See them explained in this video.

Spread the word

Do you know companies handling large recruitment volumes? Connect me via email so I can show them how Talkpush can help them recruit faster and better.



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Got a Side Gig? Perfect! We Want to Hire You

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