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Candidate-Centric and Cost-Effective: Walmart's Strategic Move to Talkpush for Technical Aptitude Tests

October 31, 2023
5 min read
Having closely worked with Walmart on this transformative project, I'm thrilled to share our collaborative journey. We embarked on a mission to enhance Walmart's recruitment process, focusin...
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      5 min read
      Ivanha Paz
      Ivanha Paz
      Content Writer at Talkpush

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      How Teleperformance leveraged WhatsApp automation during COVID-19


      The Costa Rica office was able to deal with ramp-ups and even help other Latin American offices to process the higher volumes of candidates during the pandemic by leveraging Talkpush automation.

      Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.21.01

      Teleperformance, a global BPO company, has been using Talkpush as their main system of candidate management since 2017. Back then, the TA team in Costa Rica was looking for ways to unify their process. They went from scraping candidate information off of multiple channels into Google Sheets, to a CRM that was able to organize and store data from all of their sourcing channels, as well as automate other manual tasks like pre-screening, thanks to a chatbot on their Facebook and Career Site.


      The company was looking to create an omnichannel experience that would be pleasant for candidates, from wherever they first made contact, whether a job fair, social media, internal referral programs or job boards. With Talkpush automation they’ve been able to integrate their referral program and social media channels into automated workflows and capture important data on recruiter and channel performance inside the Talkpush CRM.

      The biggest challenge happened this year.


      Automation during COVID-19

      As unemployment levels rose, many turned to the call center industry in search of new opportunities. For Teleperformance, this meant handling ramp-ups with the same recruiter headcount. Under normal circumstances, the TA team is doubled temporarily to cover such volumes, but financial duress from the effects of lockdown made this measure an impossibility.

      Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.19.35Instead, they looked for ways to better leverage the automation available to them through Talkpush’s CRM and chatbot. Creating targeted campaigns and refining their filters, they were able to process the increased number of candidates, from an average of 361 applications per week to 991, to fill their available positions.


      Not just that, but the Teleperformance Costa Rica team has been assisting the offices in Dominican Republic with sorting and pre-screening using Talkpush.


      "For the last two months we have been able to cover both
      Costa Rica and Dominican Republic with the same number of recruiters, Talkpush analytics gives me enough visibility. So I can constantly make the process more efficient." — Mariam Villalobos, Recruitment Supervisor, Teleperformance Costa Rica

      WhatsApp: a Game Changer

      Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.20.48When the pandemic first hit Latin America, Teleperformance Costa Rica was working with Talkpush to deploy a WhatsApp verified account that would use the same recruiter bot they had on Facebook Messenger and their career site. The WhatsApp bot went live just three months ago — and the messaging platform is already responsible for 69% of all their completed applications, and their overall completion rate doubled.

      "More candidates are booking interviews. It’s a lot more effective, some people might not answer via Facebook Messenger, but they do on WhatsApp. This means we can now process more candidates." — Mariam Villalobos, Recruitment Supervisor, Teleperformance Costa Rica

      It hasn’t just sped up the process, but it’s also become an instrumental tool when it comes to keeping candidates informed of important policy changes, safety measures and any company news regarding the global pandemic.


      Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.20.19

      "Using Talkpush puts us in a good place as a business, because we’re reaching out to candidates through a modern and innovative platform. The candidate experience becomes much more pleasant." Mariam Villalobos, Recruitment Supervisor, Teleperformance Costa Rica

      Plans for the Future

      Screen Shot 2020-08-25 at 9.19.17Teleperformance will keep its remote recruitment model, enabled by Talkpush.
      The company has successfully integrated their internal ATS and now wants to look into other opportunities to create a seamless process — not just for candidates, but for the recruiters. This means that in the coming months, Talkpush and Teleperformance will be working to plug in more tools into the CRM to create fully automated workflows and further increase their capacity to screen, filter and engage with thousands of candidates.


      The Story, as told by Numbers

      • Completion rate went up 2X since implementing WhatsApp with Talkpush integration

      • Saved 15 hours per day by automating 95% of top-of-funnel tasks

      • Processed 64% more candidates in the same amount of time during COVid-19

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